(波風ミナトNamikaze Minato)

  •         • Child of the Prophecy (Yogen no Ko予言の子)
  •         • Yellow Flash (Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō Konoha's木ノ葉の黄色い閃光,)
  •         • Fourth Hokage (Yondaime Hokage 四代目火影)

Tsunade and Jiraiya pointed out that while Naruto Uzumaki physically bear great resemblance to Minato Mamikaze his personality is almost identical to his mother kushina. While Naruto uzumaki is boisterous and relatively thick Minato was a calm collected and highly perceptive. He also seemed well aware of the terror his reputation inspire in his foes. He appeare to be respectful of those around him he didn’t like freely speaking about others past and was said to be a very nice person. He deeply cared for and loved his wife and his child becoming very nervou because of Kushina pain during labour and even shedding tear’s of joy at his son birth. He also enjoyed reading and took a special liking to the reading Jiraiya work in particular.

The 3 Hokage did his best to look out for Naruto Uzumaki but very few were willing to regard Naruto Uzumaki as anything but the Nine-Tails jinchuriki. The 3 Hokage forbade anyone from speaking of the Nine-Tail hoping that those too young to remember the Nine-Tail’s attack would not hate Naruto as the rest of the village had. He gave Naruto his mother surname so that his relation to Minato Namikaze would be kept a secret from Minato enemies. He other wise did his best to give Naruto Uzumaki a comfortable life despite Naruto Uzumaki having no parent’s and being made into an outcast by the rest of the all village. Naruto Uzumaki would never be told his parents identitie, and neither would most of Konoha .With Minato Namikaze death, the 3 hokage was forced to resume his position as Hokage as a role he filled until his death  never be able to find a replacement of Minato calibre Minato Namkikaze himself became regarded as the village hero and indeed one of the greatest ninja Konoha had ever produced, so much so that villager’s would regret his death when ever tragedy struck the village. Because Minato Namikaze was never able to tell anyone what happened during the Nine-Tail’s attack villagers were forced to make their own explanation. Jiraiya recognize that Minato Namikaze would not have seal the Nine-Tails into his own son unless he had a good reason and that Minato Namikaze intended Naruto to gain control on the Nine-Tails but could never satisfactorily explain why. Although Naruto had no idea about his relation with Minato’s most of his life, he appeared to greatly admire the 4 Hokage considering him a hero who gave his life for save the village showing anger when Tsunade spoke ill of him and becoming over joyed when ever Kakashi or Jiraiya mentioned his resemblance with Minatos Before Naruto left Konoha to begin his training with Jiraiyas he looked at the 4 Hokage’s carved head and asked him to look after him. After learning the truth about his relation to Minato Namikaze and despite the shock that his own father made him a jinchuriki,But Jiraiya said that Minato Namikaze was a shrewd person, and he was not a man who would do something without reason. He was very knowledgeable ninja in the ninja world, concluding that only Madara would have the power or the reason to have the Nine-Tails attack Konoha during their fight. Minato was known for his unbelievable drive and unbeatable determination, which he passed on to his son. In his youth, Minato also had a desire to be acknowledge by the everyone in the village and to become a great Hokage, again, a trait passed on to his son His devotion to the villages and his love for his friend’s inspired all those around him, and, as a result, he became well liked by the villager’s. Minato was nevertheless understanding that Naruto must feel hurt by the fact that his own father had sealed a monster inside him. Naruto was proud to be the Fourth Hokage’s son.Years after his death, Killer B was surpris when he learned Minato created a technique similar to the Tailed Beast Ball the Rasengan.

When Naruto start to give into the temptation of power from the Nine-Tail’s and was about to release the beast, the imprint of Minato Namikaze stopped him. Minato Namikaze voice his dislike of seeing the Nine-Tails again but point out that its actions had allowe him to see his son once more Naruto eventually picked up on what Minato Namikaze was saying and was over joyed to finally find out who his father was. Minato Namikaze tried to talk with Naruto, but the Nine-Tails kept interrupting in the his conversation so Minato Namikaze transport them to another space that was quieter Naruto was out raged at the idea that Minato Namikaze would seal the Nine-Tails into his own son which Minato Namikaze apologized for that Naruto punch him in anger but quickly got over it claiming that as the Fourth hokage son he could be handle it Because he had a limit amount of time to talk to Naruto Minato Namikaze briefly caught up with him atthe same time indicating that he knew that pain had kill Jiraiya and was aware of Konoha destruction as he saw it through Naruto eyes. He express his suspicion that Pain was actually being manipulated by the someone else due to his childhood psychological trauma and that it was the masked man of Akatsuki who really wish Konoha destruction. He went on to suggest that as long as the current ninja system exists people like Pain who were ruined by war will continue to the exist. He restore the seal on Naruto stomach and voice his confidence in him that he would be find a way to stop the vicious cycle of death’s and destruction before disappearing to the after life.




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