Can Loki lift Mjolnir Hammer?

Mjolnir Hammer: So there are two versions of this question one is,

Has Loki lifted Mjolnir in Marvel Cinematic Universe or Has Loki lifted

Mjolnir in Marvel Comics. So the answer to the first question is that

Loki has not yet lifted Mjolnir in Marvel Cinematic Universe as the

concerning thing with Mjolnir is that only the worthy can lift it and

as of now, Loki is not worthy to lift it but no one knows if in the

future of Marvel Cinematic Universe Loki might become worthy and

might lift Mjolnir as well.

Mjolnir Hammer

Now talking about Marvel comics than the simple answer

is that Loki has lifted Mjolnir and that too not only once

but many times and interestingly the concerning thing with

using Hammer is still the same in marvel comics as well if

you want to use Hammer you have to be worthy of using it.

So in one of the editions of marvel comics or specifically in

the Agent of Asgard during AXIS Thor and Loki’s personality

gets inverted and because of this inversion Loki became

worthy and Thor became non-worthy and in that part, Loki

was able to lift Hammer and this was one of that time where

Loki lifted Hammer and there was one more instance in the

comics when Loki lifted it but that instance is a bit of useless

Mjolnir Hammer
Mjolnir Hammer: Can Loki lift Mjolnir Hammer?

because in that enchantment of Hammer was removed and

hence anyone could lift it including any normal human being

also and at that time Loki lifted Hammer. Apart from this, there

are no instances of Loki lifting Hammer in Marvel Cinematic

Universe but if you have watched the Loki series then we are

seeing Loki turning into his good side so there are chances

that we might see Loki becoming worthy and lifting Hammer

one day in one of the future movies of MCU.

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