Mob Psycho 100: Reigen Arataka, the Genius

Mob Psycho 100: Reigen Arataka is Mob’s mentor and chief. He is broadcasted “Most prominent Psychic of the 21st Century” just as proprietor and administrator of the Spirits and Such Consultation Office. A tall man with dim earthy colored eyes and short, reddish-blonde hair with untidy bangs. He is likewise highly dynamic, with his looks going from appealing to frightening,

and is a man who tends to sweat bountifully. Reigen has no misgivings about controlling customers, foes, partners, and even spirits for his potential benefit. However, later in the series, he begins to have a liable outlook on maintaining Mob specifically. The argument is his forte. 

Mob Psycho 100

Reigen is by all accounts a man directed by standards. He is socially and genuinely astute. He accepts that stinging others isn’t right and helps Mob remember that frequently, showing his truly decent and respectable side covered by his obscure business. 

Reigen’ Personality

The thing is, even though Reigen ought to be dreadful to the core, he’s in reality, the specific sort of guide Mob needs. Mob is the oldest child who comes up short on his more youthful brother’s gifts in scholastics, whose guardians are incapable at understanding his forces and how they’ve genuinely hindered him.

He is encircled by harmful messages about manliness needn’t bother with preparing to be a superior clairvoyant half however much he needs preparing to be an entire and adjusted individual. Reigen, in going on and on Inside the Actor’s Studio type cliche about treating one’s abilities with humbleness,

Mob Psycho 100

coincidentally winds up saying exactly the kind of things. The mob needs somebody in his life to say: Reigen is hot because he is consistently attractive. His person, the “hooligan with the endearing personality” paradigm, was consistently there in the manga; the anime form stresses this further in a manner the first craftsman’s style can’t allow. All media transformations include revaluation, and on account of Bones vivi flying Mob Psycho 100,

the studio perceived (accurately) that Reigen is the enthusiastic soul of the story. He’s a scarcely valuable grown-up who holds quickly to solid moral feelings and shows a weak kid the kind of life illustrations a great deal of us wish somebody had conferred to us at that age. 

Reigen Strength and Powers (Mob Psycho 100)

Reigen has a wide assortment of abilities and information because of working various positions while trying not to turn into a masseur like his folks needed. He applies these abilities and knowledge when helping his customers, possibly bringing in Mob if real spirits are involved. Reigen has also said he has a green belt in Shaolin Kung-Fu and is capable of combative techniques to take individuals out. At first incapable of seeing spirits,

he acquired the capacity to see them in the wake of being briefly injected with Mob’s mystic force. When imbued with Mob’s powers, he had the option to easily manage all of the seventh Division Scars,

Mob Psycho 100

taking their most impressive assaults like they were nothing. Reigen’s actual strength lies in his psychological courage and magnetism. He can zero in on and execute arrangements despite vulnerability or affliction and keeps his cool in all circumstances. He is acceptable at winning contentions, ready to keep up with good judgment and energy regardless of the idea. He’s a gifted controller of others, willing to tell misleading statements and straight up lies usually.

He’s additionally a decent entertainer, which assists him with conveying his lies along and is essential to keeping up with his persona as an expert mystic, particularly during the years that he was unable to try and see spirits. Reigen is likewise the maker of different “unique procedures” that he uses to have an extraordinary impact on his profession.

They can go from hostile capacities to therapeutic body or brain purifying methods and regularly include him significantly yelling the name of said capacity as he performs it. 

Salt Splash (Mob Psycho 100)

Reigen brutally tosses table salt all over. Sadly it’s not purged salt, which makes it genuinely insufficient against spirits. 

Banishing Salt Punch 

Reigen punches the adversary with a clenched hand shrouded in table salt. Nevertheless, it demonstrated not to do a lot of harm. 

Sorcery Crush (Mob Psycho 100)

Reigen utilizes a back rub to diminish the pressure from actual weariness and disposes of any firm shoulders or back torments. This move demonstrated exceptionally power. 

Graphic Exorcism 

Reigen utilizes photograph altering programming to eliminate any proof of spirits from photos with hearts in them, making them look completely normal. 

Aroma Runaway Express 

Reigen sends his customer on a beautiful trip that loosens up the body and soul, consolidating a Himalayan stone salt back rub with smell oils and incense for the most extreme impact. 

Ant-Esper Dropkick 

Reigen punts his rival in the head with the two feet as hard as possible. He appears to work best on extremely short adversaries, except if there’s an edge he can hop from. Great at interfering with an esper’s mystic forces. 

Hypnosis Punch (Mob Psycho 100)

Reigen utilizes a coin on a string to occupy his rival before abruptly blindsiding them all of a sudden. He demonstrated extreme success. 

Ant-Possession Jumping Knee Strike 

Reigen plays out a flying knee strike to the chest to thump the person unconscious. It was sufficiently able to take Keiji Mogami out of Kirin Jodo’s body. 

Self-Defence Rush 

Reigen ruthlessly players the adversary. Uncertain in case it’s genuinely self protection, he hollers out “self preservation” for good measure. We couldn’t say whether this qualifies as legitimate. However, he’s shouting it, and that matters. 

Knee Strike (Mob Psycho 100)

Like Anti-Possession Jumping Knee Strike, Reigen snatches the foe by the rear of their neck with the two of his arms and pushes their head down, empowering him to crush them in the face with his knee. 

Rainbow Seal 

Reigen utilizes a lot of splash paint to make divider craftsmanship in one more endeavor to conceal a soul’s face on the divider. Despite his status as a cheat, he regularly gives in some measure a type of strategy or “otherworldly purifying” for whoever demands them.

So when one of his customers says some crystal gazer, let them know profound pessimism wrapped their shoulders. He is displayed to handily detect Mob’s emotional state despite his understudy’s indifferent appearance and rushes to pay attention to Mob’s concerns and deal him exhortation.

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