Moegi and Wood Release: With the release of Boruto Naruto Next Generation Volume 4, it was revealed that Moegi can use Wood Release.

Curious to know people’s views on the situation and thoughts on how she gets it.

If she obtains it via Hashirama Senju’s cells, I don’t see how she could control the cells, unless Katasuke developed something to assist her with controlling them.

Moegi and Wood Release

it would be a shame if the mass of shinobi possesses the Kekkei Genkai in the current era.

Fun fact of the day, Katasuke Tono uses Wood Release via his Kote.

The Boruto Naruto Next Generation writers could easily pass it off as a natural Kekkei Genkai Moegi.

discover while training both Earth and Water release.

I honestly wouldn’t mind previously nonrelevant characters in Naruto actually become relevant in Boruto.

Would be kind of cool if Moegi became a powerhouse in boruto.

Her character was not explore in Naruto at all her having it naturally could make total sense if done right.

I doubt Moegi gained it from experiments, as Naruto Uzumaki definitely wouldn’t allow that research to continue.

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