Most Kisses: C Drama with most Kisses 2022

Most Kisses: Everybody loves a happy ending, especially in c dramas. There are lots of C dramas with a lot of kisses and chemistry between actors. But there are some C dramas that we would like to recommend. So, here is the list of C dramas with the most kisses that we would like to recommend to you.

C Drama with most Kisses

10. My Little Happiness

Cong Rong has always aspired to be a lawyer, but her mother is adamant about her daughter studying finance in a foreign country. Rong’s mother will not accept “no” for an answer in the hopes that her daughter will be able to successfully settle down somewhere else in the world. Cong Rong has little choice but to follow her mother’s desires after failing to persuade her mother to let her pursue her goals. Does she, or does she not?

Cong Rong returns home to work as a legal intern after successfully convincing her mother that she has left for faraway regions. When Cong Rong takes on her first case, she meets her childhood friend, Wen Shao Qing. Shao Qing, who is now a surgeon, is not only Cong Rong’s client, but also her landlord and next-door neighbour. Despite their best attempts, Cong Rong and Shao Qing find themselves drawn closer by the ever-tightening ties of fate.

C Drama with most Kisses

9. Love Designer (Most Kisses)

It chronicles the storey of a love affair between a fashion designer and an e-commerce executive. Song Lin and fashion designer Zhou Fang (Dilraba Dilmurat) met as a result of a lawsuit. They were an immediate mismatch, yet due to their interdependence in life and job, they had no choice but to work together. It was inevitable that two hard-headed people would clash,

yet while they competed against one other, Zhou Fang and Song Lin eventually fell in love. As they strive to be better versions of themselves, Zhou Fang works hard to build a sophisticated brand, while Song Lin, who places a premium on efficiency, strives for a career breakthrough.

C Drama with most Kisses

8. Love is Sweet (Most Kisses)

Jiang Jun is an allergic to tears girl with a double degree in economics and psychology. She is uncontrollable and idealistic as a result of her wealthy upbringing. After graduation, she worked for a humanitarian organisation, where she pursued her aspirations. Her father’s unexpected death, on the other hand, puts her in a terrible predicament. She eventually decides to work for a prominent financial firm in order to fulfil her father’s dying wish.

In MH, Jiang Jun runs across Yuan Shuai, a childhood buddy. On the other hand, the current Yuan Shuai is no longer her beloved protector, but rather her antagonist. In MH, where the “culture of wolf instinct” is prominent, someone is plotting against Jiang Jun, and she is seen as an eyesore. Jiang Jun, on the other hand, succeeds in both her professional and personal lives thanks to her kind personality, meticulous attention to detail, high EQ, and keen sense of judgement.

C Drama with most Kisses

7. Put your Head on my Shoulder

On the verge of graduation, an accounting major in search of a job ends up living with a brilliant physics student, who throws her daily routine into disarray. Situ Mo is a recent graduate. She is unsure about her future and lacks the bravery to make a decision for herself,

having grown accustomed to having her entire life mapped out for her. Gu Weiyi, a physics major, comes into her life because the school districts have amalgamated. They collide on a regular basis, oblivious to the fact that they are steadily walking into each other’s hearts. They find up having to live together by mistake, much to their astonishment.

C Drama with most Kisses

6. Lucky’s First Love (Most Kisses)

Three couples at work tell a storey about first loves and relationships. It follows a talented young woman who encounters a boss with a black belly. Because Xing Yun’s name has a positive meaning, Xia Ke hires her to work for his game company. He’s a driven and obstinate son who refused to take over the family business and instead set out on his own to succeed. On her route from a sketch artist to a gaming designer,

she goes to lengths in dealing with her black-bellied boss and overcomes countless obstacles. Their constant squabbling draws them closer together, and the girl who has never known love realises that love is the final hurdle.

C Drama with most Kisses

5. Perfect and Casual

Professor Zhang Si Nian, a chilly and frosty “man god,” and the tranquil and bright Yun Shu are the central characters in this novel. Yun Shu was surprised to learn that he was her university lecturer after a tumultuous first meeting in which he scolded the exceptionally picky Si Nian. The two agreed to enter into a contractual marriage after a series of chance encounters. How will they keep their connection a secret from everyone around them as their love for each other grow?

C Drama with most Kisses

4. Find Yourself (Most Kisses)

A love storey about a successful career woman who falls in love with a younger man. He Fan Xing’s firm is in danger of being acquired due to their age difference, and her relationship with Yuan Song faces societal pressures. Following a string of disappointments in her professional and love relationships, she finds herself in an emotional quagmire, and it is at this point that Ye Lu Ming enters her life. Because of his advanced age, he is mature, stable, and knowledgeable. He becomes He Fan Xing’s life coach and a point of tension for the pair. She must not only choose the man she loves for He Fan Xing; she must also consider the paradoxes of adopting a traditional marriage mindset.

C Drama with most Kisses

3. Love O2O (Most Kisses)

Xiao Nai is a gaming master who happens to be the most popular student on campus thanks to his basketball talents, academic prowess, swimming aptitude, and game company president. When the very clever wunderkind sees the lovely computer science major Bei Wei Wei for the first time, he is completely smitten. But it’s not Wei Wei’s appearance that catches his attention; it’s the ludicrous mastery with which she commands her guild and owns everyone in an online multiplayer game. Now, Xiao Nai must utilise both his real-life and online skills to win the love of the adorable but eccentric Wei Wei.

2. Eternal Love of Dream

Bai Feng Jiu, the Queen of Qing Qiu, is the world’s only red nine-tailed fox. Feng Jiu is assaulted by a wild beast while seeking cultivation in the mountains and is saved by Dong Hua, the first Emperor of Heaven. Feng Jiu, grateful and indebted to Dong Hua, assists Dong Hua in fighting the Demon Lord. Jiu recognizes her gratitude for Dong Hua has gradually blossomed into love as the two spend time together. Dong Hua, on the other hand, has long forgotten what love is.

1. Dating in the Kitchen (Most Kisses)

Gu Sheng Nan was an underappreciated commis in the kitchen at the Zijing Hotel, but she was free to express herself via her food as she honed her culinary skills. To make matters worse, she gets on the bad side of her soon-to-be employer, the sharp-tongued CEO Lu Jin, due to an unfortunate mistake. Lu Jin is a brilliant businessman who is not afraid to make tough decisions. After a happy accident delivers him one of Sheng Nan’s delicacies, Lu Jin, who was going to criticize the Zijing Hotel, reconsiders his position. Lu Jin, a die-hard foodie, is blown away by Sheng Nan’s culinary prowess and immediately recognizes her talent.

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