Multiverse is a term that has been used in Marvel movies

Multiverse: a lot of times starting from the Agents of Shield to Avengers Endgame but it was

Doctor Strange movie that made the concept of Multiverse somewhat clear and

after that Loki’s first episode was the first clear explanation of the working of

Multiverse and also the working of time. From the name Multiverse and also from

its definition in English, it is simply defined as a collection of multiple universes.

In the movie Doctor Strange, Ancient one told Doctor Strange that the universe

in which they are living is just a small part of the infinite number of universes.

And of these infinite universes, some universes are benevolent and life-giving

while at the same time others are filled with malice and hunger. Loki’s first episode

made the term more clear, when miss minutes explained to Loki about the working of

time, she also told that initially there were multiple universes working on different

timelines and then the timekeepers combined the different timelines and made a

sacred timeline taking various instances from all different timelines and this sacred

Multiverse in Marvel cinematic universe explained!

timeline decides the past present and future of everyone.

Well more about the sacred timeline in some other blog. Now coming back to the

concept of Multiverse then Multiverse is the collection of infinite dimensions in which

different realities exist at the same time. For example, if avengers defeated Loki in

one of the realities then in some other universe and some other reality, at the

same time, Loki might have defeated the avengers, if Asgard is a beautiful place in

one reality then it might be an unpleasant place in some other reality. In the words

of the ancient one, “Our reality and universe are just one of the many existing realities

and universes” and I think that sums up the entire thing.

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