Must watch Crime Thriller South Korean dramas 2022

Thriller South Korean Dramas: South Korean dramas initially got their fame for their romantic dramas. But the time has changed the new era of Korean dramas has arrived with Crime thrillers on its back. The time to watch old fashioned romance has gone and it’s time to hook up with the screen and binge watch the spine chilling crime dramas. One thing I can guarantee is that these thrilling dramas will make you come to the edge of your seat. Don’t trim your nails because these thrilling dramas will make you bite your nails.

The Korean thrilling series have a special Korean factor in them that makes them different from American thrillers. The nail biting and teeth teething K-dramas make them a perfect binge-watch. But here is a slight warning before diving into the best Korean thrillers. Watching these dramas at night might make you think hundred times before going to the bathroom alone. There are a lot of thrilling Korean dramas but in this article, we will tell you the best of those spine chilling dramas. Here is the list of the best Korean thrillers:

Thriller South Korean Dramas

Mouse (Thriller South Korean Dramas)

The story of this drama is about a spine chilling serial killer. The serial killer has its connections to Korea’s more powerful killers. The rise of this killer grabs the attention of the cops as the race to grab the killer starts. With time we come to know that there was something mysterious and a more powerful was actually hiding behind the shadows of the killer. The best thing about this drama is that it doesn’t need a single element of romance to grab the viewers’ attention. The drama is absolutely thrilling. Mouse The drama also plays with an ironical statement of a killer being made. The drama portrays how a killer is created in society by society.

Thriller South Korean Dramas

Dark Hole (Thriller South Korean Dramas)

Dark Hole is a Korean drama that will make the viewers come to the edge of their seats. The drama reveals a huge shocking mystery at its end. The drama is about a girl who receives a call from a random person who claims to have killed her husband. The girl after finding out that her husband was killed wants to take revenge. She decides to take the help of the residents of the town. But here comes a problem the residents of the town have turned into mutants after smoking some dark smoke from a dark hole. But then she decides to leave the town and goes to Mujishi to take revenge for her husband’s murder. She takes the help of a former cop who takes the job of a driver afterward for some reason.

Thriller South Korean Dramas

Watcher (Thriller South Korean Dramas)

Watcher is a special series that is more than a thrilling drama series. This drama series will hook the user till the end of every episode in the hope that you will find the truth. The drama is actually about a boy whose mother gets killed when he was a kid. Police conducts their suspicion and found out that his dad was the murderer. 15 years later the boy becomes a cop himself and then decides to uncover himself that what would have really happened 15 years ago.

Thriller South Korean Dramas

Nobody Knows:

Nobody knows is a drama that is centered on a serial killer. The story revolves around a girl whose friend gets killed by a serial killer. The girl feels alone and also feels herself responsible for the death of her friends. She feels that the murderer had some connection with her. Because of those connections her friend had to pay the price. She feels that one day the killer will come after her as well. She didn’t want to lose any of her wanted ones. Then She decided to join the police and become a detective for the government police. After a long wait the murderer finally comes but this time the girl is ready to fight him and stop before the murderer could attack any of her dear ones.

Thriller South Korean Dramas

Tell Me What You Saw:

Tell me what you saw is an absolute spine thriller. The story is about a criminal profiler named Oh Hyun-Jae. He is regarded as the best criminal profiler who can solve all the cases that are regarded as uncrackable. This professionalism invites trouble for him. His fiancée gets killed in an explosion planned by a serial killer.

This incident breaks him from inside. He decides to leave his job and shuts himself off from others. But one day he meet another detective named Cha Soo-Young. He founds out that Cha Soo-Young has an amazing photographic memory. He decides to collab with Cha Soo-Young and stops the serial killer from harming someone else. But the journey is not as easy as it may look. The journey of finding the serial killer invites a lot of troubles for them.

Save Me:

Save me is a spine thrilling drama that is on the top of this list. The drama is very well directed and will give anyone Goosebumps throughout. The drama is about a family who left their hometown. They move to a new town because of the failure of their business. There is a church in the new town. The church in disguise as a holy place is actually a place of terror and murder. The family also gets in the trap of this church and fails to see the real picture. The youngest lad in the family has to pay the price and gets killed. Finally, the race of survival starts. This series will definitely keep the viewer hooked to the screen throughout.

So this is it and here is the end of the list of best thriller South Korean dramas that everyone must watch.

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