NARUTO 10 Moments that fans can’t get over with it

Naruto Moments: maybe famous for its magical ninja land, but its fame is only increased by the most powerful techniques in the series. Few Naruto fans grew up in anime that never returned to previous episodes or scenes to relive the magic of the series. In addition to One Piece and Bleach, Naruto was one of the formative and fascinating series of the 2000s

that stood out from the sister series through character writing and the exceptional talent of the combat scene. Multiple moments when fans always return to happiness, whether it’s defining a character, a spectacular ninja battle, or some of the most heartfelt scenes ever seen in anime. Because of that, Naruto never ended entirely in the last episode.

Naruto Moments

10. Naruto and Sasuke’s Final Valley Fight

Early Naruto fought various incredible battles that surprised big and small fans with a technically appealing and stunning combat display. However, the scene of the fight that separated Naruto from others, and the scene that many fans like to repeat, point out, and even repeat the parody over and over, is the first battle between Naruto and Sasuke in the Final Valley.

Naruto can eventually catch up with Sasuke towards the end of the Sasuke Recovery Mission Arc, but not before Sasuke has already taken over Orochimaru’s power. Unfortunately, Naruto isn’t ready to let go of Sasuke, and Sasuke has a lot to prove, so the two engage in a brutal, painful, and visually breathtaking battle. Who can resist this scene as some of Naruto’s best fighters are in glory?

Naruto Moments

9. Sasuke Fighting The Five Kage

Sasuke seems to have over compensated his childhood short comings after leaving Konoha for doing almost everything to show to the village and fans. Perhaps the most prominent example of this is even more significant than the candidate for Hokage during the war, in a 5 to 1 battle, challenging the shadows of the five village leaders and virtually the strongest ninjas. It was time. He wasn’t just smoking. In Sasuke’s most iconic scene, he was able to take on the shadow of one of the series’ most exciting power shows.

Naruto Moments

8. Naruto reveals the shuriken on the lawn.

Naruto Before the Shippuden, it was a pleasure to see Naruto learn new techniques little by little. It was disappointing to see him own the shadow cloning technique, it was great to see him reminding him of the method for the first time, and he finally, after some long training sessions, It’s just fun to see how Rasengan can be used.

But neither of these moments can be compared to when Naruto finally invented the train for himself. In the battle between Hidan and Kakuzo, Naruto showed his most powerful technique to date, the grass shuriken.

Naruto Moments

7. Tobi reveals himself as Madara.

Even if Tobi reveals himself as Obito and Madara himself later ascended this moment, it is still a lot. It’s a central and impressive scene for fans. For some time, the Uchiha clan was founded as the elite of this leaf, and Madara was considered one of the clan’s most notorious members.

Akatsuki already had a lot of strong brand awareness by then. But when Tobi, a member of the goofy cartoon, revealed that he was Madara, the organization became so important that all fans knew who the last bad guy was. I understood it, so I got the atmosphere of the final stage.

Naruto Moments

6. Four Hokage Resurrection (Naruto Moments)

In the Fourth Great Ninja War, the resurrection was often used to give the protagonist many cathartic moments (in addition to some Deus ex machine). However, none of these cases was powerful enough to revive the four Hokage of the Leaf Village hidden

for a Q&A session with Sasuke. This scene had the combined strength of a long and influential history of four men in the village. It was like standing side by side with athletes, presidents, and even Batman of different generations. Seeing Naruto’s four most potent characters together was one of the most formidable line ups in Naruto’s history.

Naruto Moments

5. Guy opens all eight gates. (Naruto Moments)

All Naruto fans knew that the day would come when someone would use all eight gates. When fans saw Rock Lee struggling to use just a few of them, people knew this would be an epic technique, and later on, the original series. So it was a little disappointing to maximize that potential.

But that one case was an unforgettable experience. Not only was Might Guy a fun and confident character, but he rarely appeared as one of Konoha’s most potent ninjas, but surprisingly left Madara to become an evil conspirator. Finally, I showed you how to count up to.

Naruto Moments

4. Jiraiya’s Death (Naruto Moments)

Fans don’t explicitly “love” this scene, but fans have no choice but to return to it. Naruto has killed quite a few, but nothing was as shocking and tragic as Jiraiya. Here was a fan’s favorite character who fascinated everyone with his charm and became Naruto’s father.

He became an epic, and even if it didn’t bear fruit, he fought his former disciple and was tragically killed. His absolute solitude in the underwater image of one of the series’ greatest heroes, The Story of Jiraiya, especially the iconic opening sequence dedicated to that moment, makes this scene legendary. I made it.

Naruto Moments

3. Konoha celebrates Naruto as a hero.

Some would argue that this should have been the end of Naruto, and it would have left some open endings in the story, but this is the number before Konoha. There is no doubt that it was the most cathartic moment for 1 Naruto Head.

The Battle of Naruto alone is considered one of the best in the series, complemented by some of the best stories in the series, including the story behind Nagato and the epic sacrifice of Hinata. But all of this was just the basis for Naruto’s first adversary, the Hidden Leaf Village, to emerge to support Naruto as their loyal hero eventually. Who still remembers this swing at this point?

2. Naruto and Sasuke fight Kaguya (Naruto Moments)

It’s one thing to see Naruto and Sasuke fight each other, and as fierce rivals, they’re pretty good at it. But in a story where everyone worked hard to get Sasuke back, it’s beautiful not only to see Sasuke come back but to fight the villains Kaguya and Naruto,

who were the root of many of the world’s problems. It was a sight. Nothing beats seeing good teamwork on the screen, especially when culminating in Naruto’s infamous classic gag harem technique to save the world.

1. Rock Lee loses weight. (Naruto Moments)

Rock Lee loses weight on his legs. The scene shaped the entire series for many old and new fans and made them want to go home. Dragon Ball has tried weight tropes before, but never as effectively or unexpectedly as Rock Lee. No one expected a limiter from Lee during the battle with Lee’s Gaara.

Lee was a rather arrogant character when some fans didn’t invest a lot of money to win this battle. However, it all changed when they saw his weight break through the ground, and Lee hit an incredible speed. Gaara had established his position as an almost unstoppable monster, but he was pushed away by Naruto’s next big outsider in this battle.

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