Naruto Shippuden Arc For Adaptations of 3 Novels Continues Through February




The second compiled book volume of Ukyo Kodachi and Mikie Ikemotos Boruto manga revealed on Friday the premiere date for the rest of the arcs of the Naruto Shippuden anime that will adapt three conclusion novels in the Naruto franchise.

The first part which adapts Shin Towasas Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Story Sunrise, already premiered with the episode 484 on Thursday and will continue into all December. The second part which will adapt Takashi Yano’s Naruto Shikamaru Story novel will premiere in the January. The third part which will adapt Sho Hinata’s Naruto, Konoha Hiden Shugen Biyori novel, will premiere in the February.

The anime previously aired an anime original Boyhood arc that focused on the pasts of two character’s in each episode. The arc ran for 4 episodes from 480-483, from 20 October to 10 November. The anime did not air on 17 November and 24 November due to special programming.