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Naruto Shippuden episode 482 spoilers “Gaara and Shikamaru”

Next up on the Boyhood in Naruto Shippuden will show how Shikamaru and Gaara got their respective start in the Shinobi World.

Fan’s have finally seen a significant glimpse of the lives of Naruto Hinata Sasuke and Sakura that shaped their future into the way that fan’s saw in the anime and manga.

Naruto Shippuden episode 482 will now share the story of Shikamaru and Gaara. For the formers part of the installment fans will get to see how things were like before all The hell broke loose for him

Gaara had a rough breeding which led him to a vicious journey that fan’s know of very well. However the things were not always that bad at least to how they were when he grew a little more older.

In the preview clip for Naruto Shippuden New episode 482 an adorable Gaara is seen playing in with sand with his siblings Temari and Kankuro.

A glimpse of his siblings as well as Gaara uncle Yashamaru and Gaara mother Karura was also shown. There was also a peek of Gaara smiling as Gaara beloved mom combed his hair.

Indeed things were simpler for Gaara before his abilitie’s were gauged. Fan’s will be treated to those good old days in the this episode.

The latter half of Naruto Shippuden episode 482 will tell the story of Shikamaru Nara. His bit appears to be set during a time right before he met the his Team 10 members who will be a huge part of his life.

It looks like food began Choji and Shikamaru friendship with the former offering him snacks. However, they are start things off on the wrong foot.

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