The full schedule Naruto Shippuden anime January 2017 schedule has been released. The schedule reveals all the New titles of the upcoming Shikamaru Hiden episode’s along with the first episode of Konoha Hiden The Perfect Day for a Wedding.

Episode 489 – Shikamaru Hiden The State of Afairs
12 January 2017

Episode 490  – Shikamaru Hiden Dark Clouds
19 January 2017

Episode 491  – Shikamaru Hiden Blindly
January 26

Episode 492  – Shikamaru Hiden Cloud of Suspicion
2 February 2017

Episode 493  – Shikamaru Hiden Dawn
February 9

Episode 494  – Konoha Hiden The Perfect Day for a Wedding
16 February 2017

Officially Released By – Viz Media


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