Naruto and his children were born with the whisker face marks. Naruto with three on each side, and Boruto and Himawari with two on each of their sides. The marks have nothing to do with Naruto’s status as a Jinchuriki. Rather, they are more likely because Naruto’s mother was the Nine-Tails’ Jinchuriki before him. Kushina explained that the energies of the seal go instead to the development of the fetus when a female Jinchuriki is pregnant. This causes the seal to weak during the pregnancy and directly after. It also leads to the pregnancy requiring 10 months to come to term, unlike the regular 9 months. As a result, the child is directly exposed to the Tailed Beast, in this case Kurama’s, chakra. This caused Naruto to develop his whisker marks, as that is the only logical explanation for him having them. Boruto and Himawari, as Naruto’s children, also developed the facial marks, but they are missing on the three marks. Hinting that the influence of Kurama’s chakra wains over time through the generations. all the Jinchuriki would have some sort of feature from their tailed beast, considered the beasts reside inside them and is in direct contact with their body and chakra. It is just something the creator decided to do, and people are jumping to their own conclusions, as usual.

They assimilated Nine-Tails’ chakra leading them to have altered physical states, and even able to use it. One could assume if Naruto had been exposed to the same amount, he might have been able to use Nine-Tails’ chakra without Kurama as well.

Since the marks also are affected by Naruto’s transformations, it adds further credibility that it was Kurama’s influence that caused them while Naruto was still developing.

I also estimate that Boruto and Himawari’s children will have the marks as well, but their children will only have one mark on each side, as opposed to Boruto and Himawari’s two, and Naruto’s three. Naruto’s great-grandchildren will probably not have any marks at all if the trend continues.

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