The special oversized March issue of “Shueisha’s V Jump” magazine is announcing on this Saturday that Bandai Namco Entertainment will release the “Dragon Ball Heroes X” Ultimate Mission game for the Nintendo 3DS on 27 April. The card battle adventure game is the latest in the “Dragon Ball Heroes” Ultimate Mission series.


The game will feature more than 3,300 cards and 36 missions. The game will include all cards and Missions from “Dragon Ball Heroes”, and it will be possible to transfer data from the “Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission 2” (seen right). The missions will include the all eight Dragon Ball Heroe’s missions, all ten Galaxy Mission’s, all eight Evil Dragon Mission’s, and all ten God Mission’s.

The announcement say’s the story mode in the game is not a normal story mode. Player’s can save the real and the Dragon Ball Heroes worlds. The story begin’s when the player character finds himself in an arcade where all machines except the Dragon Ball Heroes have disappeared. A space-time door to the Dragon Ball Heroe’s world opens. Players can battle against other Super Warriors and Hero Avatars to gain new allies.

The game will feature more than 240 the Super Warriors. Player’s will be able to customize their card’s and strengthen them with items. The first copies of the game will include a set of five “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” cards Special Hero Avatar Card, Son Goku – Xeno, Vegeta – Xeno, Dark Majin Towa and Vegito (Super Saiyan Blue).

“Bandai Namco” Games released the Dragon Ball Heroes – Ultimate Mission 2 Nintendo 3DS game in 2014. The company released the first Dragon Ball Heroes – Ultimate Mission game, a Nintendo 3DS port of the 2010 “Dragon Ball Heroes” arcade card battle adventure game, in 2013.


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