10 Interesting Facts that fans need to know about Nico Robin!

Nico Robin: Here are some fascinating realities about Nico Robin with regards to One Piece that you may don’t think about! Nico Robin is one of the Straw Hat groups with the most obscure past. Since adolescence, she has been an outlaw and moved from one spot to another to endure.

There are some intriguing realities about Nico Robin that fans may infrequently know. What right? Investigate the article beneath!

1. Has Her Own Jolly Roger

Perhaps you don’t realize that Robin has a Jolly Roger or her privateer banner. Notwithstanding being a Straw Hat team, Robin’s Jolly Roger keeps on changing over the long run.

It was only a skull with 4 arms framing a pinwheel with a purple cap on its head from the get-go. In the New World, the Jolly Roger has shades over the skull’s eyes with Hana no Mi (Devil Fruit that Robin ate) behind the scenes.

Nico Robin

2. Nico Robin Favorite Color

Some of you may not focus on the shade of the garments that Robin wears. On the off chance that you concentrate, Robin’s #1 shading is purple; in any event, when Robin puts on something else at Wano, it’s purple.

Even though there are some shading contrasts in every one of her outfits, the more significant part of her base tone is purple. Of the numerous shounen anime characters, Robin is the person who preferences purple.

Nico Robin

3. Ready to Sense and Feel from Her Duplicated Body parts

This has turned into overall random data that shouldn’t be clarified any longer. After eating Hana no Mi, Robin can copy her body parts in different spots. This can cause Robin ready to feel anything she contacts with her copied body. This has been affirmed straight by Oda.

We additionally realize that Robin can duplicate her arms or legs as well as other body parts also. While not at a similar superhuman level as Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe, Robin has the actual outstanding ability because of expenditure her whole youth to her young grown-up life continually on the run from different foes, like the Marines and the World Government.

Nico Robin

4. Her Name and Her Birthday

Some anime characters’ birthdays may be vital, and some may steer clear of anything since it’s simply random data. In the meantime, Nico Robin’s birthday has an association with her introduction to the world date.

In an SBS One Piece, Oda once referenced Robin’s birthday. Nico’s “Ni” signifies 2 in Japanese, while Robin’s “Ro” signifies 6 in Japanese also. This implies that Robin’s birthday is 26.

Nico Robin

5. Nico Robin The Uninvited Crew

Up until now, the eight men crew in the Straw Hats have been welcomed by Luffy himself. With just Robin who joined the Straw Hats excluded. At first, the justification for why Robin joined was that she had no place to get back to since Luffy had crushed Crocodile. Luffy saved Robin so she could keep on living. This is the reason Robin feels obligated and chooses to follow Luffy.

Nico Robin

6. The Highest Initial Bounty

When she previously joined the Straw Hats, nobody realized that Robin had been an outlaw since she was a youngster. However, Nico Robin’s head has been esteemed at 79 million Belly since she was a child. This makes her a group with the most elevated starting abundance in the Straw Hats.

Luffy got his first abundance of 30 million Belly, while Zoro had 60 million Belly. Yet, on the off chance that we review the pirate with the most elevated beginning abundance, the individual is Big Mom, who has had a lot of 500 million Belly since she was a kid.

At a young age, Robin procured the capacity to read Poneglyphs, which recounted the Void Century. Her ability to read the Poneglyphs is her most risky quality by a long shot, and what the World Government thinks of her as an enormous danger along these lines.

However, this has likewise caused her an indispensable objective for the individuals who comprehend the meaning of the Poneglyphs, basically for the people who need to oversee the Ancient Weapons or potentially the necessary resources to discover Laugh Tales, including any semblance of Kaidou and Big Mom of the Four Emperors.

Nico Robin

7. The “Mother” in the Straw Hats

To context this thing was mentioned in one of the SBS One Piece segments, Oda once clarified that Nico Robin assumed the part of a mother if the Straw Hats were a family. This can be found in Robin’s quiet and patient nature. On the other hand, Robin is infrequently seen to be irate, as she regularly looks cheerful and entertained to see the other team kidding.

8. The Youngest Bachelor in her Village

Robin’s phenomenal knowledge acquired her a four-year certification at an exceptionally young age, 8 years of age. This makes her the most youthful paleontologist in her town, Clover. Clever as well as devoted to history.

Due to her virtuoso, Robin is viewed as a dangerous danger to the World Government. As a kid wonder, she finished her archaeological tests at eight years old to become a confirmed researcher.

She is additionally the main individual alive who can peruse the language composed on poneglyph tablets, which contain records of ancient history. This was the genuine justification for why her first abundance was so high, despite being given when she was just 8 years of age.

Nico Robin

9. Nico Robin Combined with Jinbei

It was not the right time in the past that many fans combined Jinbei with Nico Robin after they ran together toward the start of the Onigashima circular segment. In one SBS, Oda clarified that Robin is the “mother” in the Straw Hats, while the “father” is Jinbei. They are fit together because they are both the most adults in the team.

10. Oda’s Favorite Character

Perhaps you don’t realize that Nico Robin is Oda’s #1 person. Oda likewise said that he needed to resemble Robin. The explanation is that Oda needs to draw multiple times quicker if he can get twofold his hands. With that force, One Piece can end quicker.

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