The new upcoming Nintendo Switch with OLED screen with features like a 7-inch OLED display panel

This Nintendo OLED will also come with a backward-compatible along

with their older version Switch controller as well as its games will

be going to be on a sale starting from this October 8.

Nintendo has announced its brand new Switch model on the date of 6th of July

which is featuring a new designed OLED screen display panel.

after having so numbers of numerous leaks for around a weeks

this is what we came up. This brand new Switch OLED model will begin

with a cost of around $350 and it will be going to be available starting

from the date October 8. Here is all and most of the important detailed

news regarding the Nintendo which everyone is needed so as to know more

about this new Nintendo Switch.


New thing in Nintendo      

This brand new Nintendo Switch with OLED which is a feature

(a 7-inch 720p OLED screen display panel) Still, there are a lot of

rumors which are suggesting that this brand new console might come

along with a chipset of Nvidia inside itself which might be able to provide

4K support. we are still might have a screen with 720p display which may

support to 1080p in the TV operation mode. You can read almost all the

important functions over it official websites. This brand new Nintendo Switch

OLED which is expected so as to be delivered something about up to 9 hours

of the optimum battery life. Its weight will be going to be around a bit heavier

with a difference of 0.32Kg. If i even have missed any great point about this topic.

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