Top Ten Facts about Obito Uchiha

Obito: In the Naruto series, Obito Uchiha has been a redoubtable opponent. It was not until the alternate half of the show that we learned about his storyline and what caused him to take such a dark turn. Throughout the course of the series, his conduct has had an impact on numerous of our characters, including his former teammate Kakashi.

He started as an Akatsuki member under the alias Tobi before exposing himself to be the true leader of the mischievous ninja organization. There is still a huge quantum we do not know about Obito, so we collected a list of data about the former ninja soldier-turned-adversary that everyone should be alive of. In this blog, we will read about Obito Uchiha.


1. Madara Is Assumed to Be His Ancestor

The Uchiha name has been associated with Madara, who was aco-author of Konoha Village before getting the series main villain. After nearly dying on a charge, Obito meets Madara, who trains him to carry on his heritage of creating the perfect Ninja world. When Obito first meets Madara, he refers to him as his precious father. Obito’s statement could indicate that he’s a direct attorney of the fabulous ninja. It does explain why, after getting Akatsuki leader, he espoused Madara’s surname as his own.


2. Obito has four children Kekkei Genkai

With his different set of ways, Obito demonstrated his full power during the Naruto Shippuuden series. Obito uses four different types of kekkei genkai during his fight in the Fourth Ninja World War bow. The first three are his eyes, which include the Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan, and Rinnegan. Obito formerly held the Sharingan as an Uchiha, but he attained the Mangekyo power after witnessing the end of his teammate Rin at the hands of his other teammate Kakashi. Obito attained the Rinnegan after Nagato’s death and implanted them in his left eye.


3. Obito is also a fire fighter

Certain characters, similar as Obito, can use jutsu styles not covered in the show or manga in games like Ultimate Ninja Storm. Obito can use fire-style ways in the alternate investiture of the Ultimate Ninja Storm series.

We did see him use it as an immature ninja on the show, but that was the only time we got to see him use it in the series. What is strange is that we only saw him use the fire jutsu in his mask, just like Kakashi


4. Obito had planned an alternate attack on the Hidden Leaf

Obito had a plan to attack his motherland again after attacking Retired Leaf Village when Naruto was born. Itachi, on the other hand, would learn about Obito and his attack on the Leaf Village. Itachi ultimately approached Obito and struck a deal with him to prop in the launch of an irruption on the Uchiha clan. Obito agreed to leave the Hidden Leaf alone in exchange, and he accepted their deal. The agreement was ultimately revealed to be the reason Itachi had to attack his clan while leaving his immature family Sasuke alive in need to shield his vill.


5. Obito’s alias was Tobi

When we first met Obito, he was introduced to us as Tobi. His alter pride was portrayed as a silly counter to the Akatsuki, but he was actually inspired by White Zetsu. Given that the mask is made of White Zetsu’s prosthetics, this was revealed in the fourth databook. Obito’s alias permitted him to work behind the scenes informing his organization and orchestrating some events that passed previous to the show in order to carry out his plan.


6. Obito’s grandmother was his only relative

Obito, like Naruto, grew up without his parents. Obito appeare to be living on his own in the manga, but the anime reveale that he was being watch for by his grandmother. Obito’s grandmother was the only living relation who served as his legal guardian on the show.

She appeared in one of Naruto Shippuuden’s padding circumstances even though we only saw her once, we did get a glimpse into Obito’s home life, as we know he grew up without parents.


7. Obito isn’t dazed by the use of the Mangekyo Sharingan

Those who understand how the Mangekyo Sharingan plant is alive that devilish use will render the stoner visionless. It’s the reason Itachi and Kakashi’s eyes bleed out whenever they use its power. Still, it doesn’t appear to be the case for Obito when he employs these optical capacities. Obito’s sight doesn’t deteriorate after using the Mangekyo power, and he can use the capability with ease. It hasn’t been explaine how he is suitable to do this, but there are some propositions as to how it’s possible. One of them is as a result of the mending parcels of the White Zetsu that covers his body.


8. Obito Is not a Senjutsu Practitioner

Obito, despite using the Six Path’s senjutsu, is not a natural stoner of the fashion. He was suitable to use the senjutsu capacity to come to the Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails after creating his own Six Paths of Pain. Senjutsu is give to those who can unleash this fashion using natural energy from within. He was suitable to use the capability after amping the dead Jinchuriki and converting them into renewed performances of the Six Paths of Pain.

9. Obito’s factual appearance took place in Naruto

He appears as an antagonist in Naruto Shippuden, but we learn further about him in the first series. We learn about Kakashi’s fellowship with Obito and how he attained the Sharingan from him before his supposed death in the special circumstances named the Kakashi Chronicles.

10. Obito has preliminarily used the Horizonless Tsukuyomi

He did use the Horizonless Tsukuyomi before the final battle in Naruto Shippuden. Still, you will recall that He fought Naruto and Sakura using the strategy of enmeshing

them in another verify if you’ve seen the Naruto movie Road to Ninja. However, the powerful technique was limit in scope; the outcomes remained the same as it trapped Naruto and Sakura in a genjutsu-based spell that trapped them in an alternate reality.

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