10 interesting facts about Nico Robin 2021

One Piece: One piece may have its faults. But some characters are real and emotional change as the series pass on. Robin is the poster child for this, having grown from a lady who could dismiss others without a second thought. Who is using them as a shield to the motherly figure she is now. She didn’t realize she’d lost her heart until the Strawhats arrived. Enies Lobby is one of the series’ stronger arcs because of this. Apart from that, there are several strange details regarding the character. It ranges from how she wields her power to the discrepancies that various dubs have for her. Nico Robin is one of the most intriguing and unusual characters in One Piece. Fans know a lot about her, but there’s still a lot more to learn. Let’s see ten interesting facts about her.

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1. Oda wants to be Nico Robin

Oda wanted to be Robin. And, interestingly, he doesn’t want to be any other in the series. This was more said tongue in cheek. He told that using her power he can spout enough hands. It was to draw manga twenty times as fast. That is the only way the manga can finish at the level he takes. It showcases how careful and practical an ability that Robin is in everyday life.

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2. Inconsistent issues (One Piece)

The Four kids version is extremely incompatible. And this is the absolute shock of no one. In their wish to cover up her cleavage, they made to wear out shirts. Also, they make her outfits cover. This is beyond anything they ever did in the manga. That is not that bad. The problem is that they were not able to keep track of some scenes they were supposed to do. Those scenes were swapping between the two. This can be seen one as one of the inconsistent issues in the dub.

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3. Nico Robin Interest in History

Robin’s intelligence and skills are widely famous. So she becomes the youngest archaeologist in Clover. It was at the age of eight. It’s more than anything a normal child catches even by anime standards. Her achievement didn’t end there. So she becomes the youngest scholar. It shows how smart she was. She was also very committed to history. It’s a fact that is brought up often in the present. She doesn’t understand why others don’t see the importance and interest in history as she shows.

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4. Good character (One Piece)

This statement is made by Oda himself and this we can see on many occasions. She has a calm and collected character. So it makes her perfect. It helps to deal with some wild characters in the crew. They often see and laugh at the dumber things they do. At sometimes she remains silent. She only raises her voice whenever it is needed. She will help anyone whenever someone is in need. Earlier She had helped Chopper, Momonosuke, and Toko specifically.

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5. Nico Robin Bloodthirsty Member (One Piece)

This can be seen as little pitched because she got the bounty. Also, her reputation before she ever even joined the Strawhats crew. All of them were not that known when they started as Robin was. Still, it’s a testament to how dangerous she is because she is a character who is a devil fruit user. She knows how to use more talents than using pure strength. She knows how to be calm and quiet. Also, she is one of the bloodthirsty members of the crew

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6. Joined the Crew by herself (One Piece)

Those who watched the show or read the manga understand that she was the one that asked to join the crew. It is very well known. The most surprising element is that she is the one that is ever done this. All other members are invited to join the crew. It is a fact that is very surprising when we find out how big the crew will be on a ship. It also suits her character as we can see how she is very confident and will power she has.

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7. Significance of birthday (One Piece)

A character’s birthday should not be taken of utmost importance. It is just a throwaway thing. It is a bit of trivia for the fans to get excited about. But in the case of Robin, her birthday signifies a little meaning. We can see the initial syllable of her surname is Ni. And the initial syllable of her name is Ro. So the numbers 2-6 are derived from Ni-Ro. It leads the decision of Oda to make that day her birthday. This is an intriguing way to go about figuring these when it is, to say the least.

8. Can Sprout (One Piece)

It should be self-explanatory that because she is the one that is sprouting them. Oda has to go out of his way to confirm that she feels anything that she touches with them. For anyone like Franky, it is very unfortunate when we consider the hazardous position the two of them were in. She can sprout not only in her arms and legs but anywhere and anything in her body. it’s a level of versatility that is not showcased often.

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9. Nico Robin Favorite color is Purple

It is not surprising if we had paid attention to her wardrobe. Her outfits get changed from arc to arc. And it rarely lacks any sort of purple in them. The shadings may vary. But takes upon from a more deep and royal version to the more lilac. But anyway the color will be purple. One of the characters in One Piece that is Shounens as a whole is Robin. But the outfits Robin is not paid attention to detail. It is mainly determine by fans than by anything else.

10. Nico Robin Jolly Roger

While she yet goes by the Strawhats call sign, she’s one of the rare members of the crew that has her own Jolly Roger. It is which she’s developed over time. It began as a simple skull with four pinwheel-shaped arms and a purple cowboy hat atop their head. Robin evolved in the new world, with the addition of the sunglasses she frequently wears atop the hat. It is with a picture of her devil fruit in the background. demonstrates how far she has progressed over time.

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