One Piece Arcs: 10 Best Story Arcs By Ranked

10. Impel Down Arc (One Piece Arcs)

One Piece Arcs: This one-piece fan made by Eiichiro oda those Arc starts with Luffy (ocean dream) invading the notorious Impel Down jail to save his sibling Portgas D. Expert from execution. From the outset, his endeavour closes in disappointment following his loss against Superintendent Magellan.

Notwithstanding, because of the impedance of the progressive Emporio Ivankov and previous foe Mr. 2 Bon Clay, he endures and proceeds with his primary goal to save Ace. Throughout the Arc, Luffy (monkey d Luffy) shows the full degree of his staggering desire and appeal as he selects new partners like Ivankov, previous Warlord Jimbei,

and surprisingly previous foes like Buggy the Clown and Crocodile. Eventually, Luffy and his partners effectively get away from Impel Down while likewise managing a deadly hit to the World Government.

One Piece Arcs

9. Dressrosa Arc (One Piece Arcs)

The Dressrosa Arc fills in as the significant primary test for Luffy and his group since their appearance in the New World. It likewise uncovers the set of experiences behind one of the most grounded and most malicious reprobates in One Piece, Donquixote Doflamingo.

With his team partitioned, Luffy aligns himself with a gathering of pirates and champions that experienced under Doflamingo’s ruthless system. This circular segment also includes the arrival of Luffy’s supportive sibling Sabo,

just as his presentation since a long time ago expected Gear Fourth change. By the bend’s decision, Luffy and his partners have set up the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. A gathering that is foreshadowed to shake the actual establishments of the world.

One Piece Arcs

8. Whole Cake Island Arc (One Piece Arcs)

While it gets going sluggish, the Whole Cake Island circular segment rapidly gathers in speed as Luffy and his partners at last conflict against the force of a Yonko. It additionally uncovers that Sanji is the ruler of the Germa Kingdom, just as in his shocking and oppressive childhood.

In contrast to past circular segments, this one isn’t regarding whether the Straw Hats will win; however, regardless of whether they will endure the anger of the Yonko Big Mom. Therefore, fans can’t resist the urge to feel sorry for the Straw Hats

irrespective of whether they will survive the ordeal. The enthusiasm and expectation assemble considerably further as Luffy goes head to head against Big Mom’s most grounded child, Charlotte Katakuri, perhaps the most brutal rival he’s constantly confronted.

One Piece Arcs

7. Marineford Arc (One Piece Arcs)

The Marineford Arc fills in as the end to the central portion of the series. It presents probably the greatest names in the One Piece universe as they crash in one monstrous conflict. It additionally denotes a significant defining moment for Luffy,

who acknowledges exactly how outmatched he and his companions are against the New World’s tip top. Eventually, many fans were left lamenting over the passings of Ace and the Yonko Whitebeard. In his last minutes, Whitebeard leaves fans in amazement as he stands pleased and affirms the presence of One Piece. In addition to the fact that Marineford marks the conclusion of a significant period, it also exalts Whitebeard as probably the best person in anime and manga.

One Piece Arcs

6. Enies Lobby Arc (One Piece Arcs)

Out of all the One Piece story Arc, most fans concur that the Enies Lobby bend is by a long shot excellent. It includes a few significant minutes, for example, Nico Robin’s grievous history,

Franky annihilating the Ancient Weapon Pluton plans, and even presenting Luffy’s Gear Second and Third changes. In a significant defining moment in the series,

Luffy and the Straw Hats exhibit their purpose to save and secure Robin by torching the World Government’s banner. In doing so, they not just reestablish Robin’s will to live; they pronounce battle on the whole world. From customary privateers to worldwide lawbreakers, it doesn’t get any more epic than Enies Lobby.

One Piece Arcs

5. Fishman Island Arc

Fishman Island bend was at first expected to occur before the time-avoid in One Piece; nonetheless, because of the Straw Hat Pirates separating at Sabaody, the occasions were delaying after the two-year time-skip. So, having Rayleigh coat their boat, the Straw Hat team, at last, embarks on their experience in the jostling New World by going to Fishman Island.

The bend adequately handles the significant issues of the series, like prejudice and the helpless treatment of Fishmen. Further, Monkey D. Luffy, in the wake of making sure that Hody Jones is put in jail, provokes Big Mom, one of the Yonko. Above all, Nico Robin uncovers Shirahoshi’s personality of Poseidon.

One Piece Arcs

4. Punk Hazard Arc

Punk Hazard Arc is eventually termed as notorious Arc’s in One Piece for more than one explanation. In addition to the fact that it marks the start of the Dressrosa Saga, however, it likewise ensures that the initial steps of the ‘versus Yonko’ Saga are at long last take.

Instead, the bend sees Luffy and Law unite and structure a privateer partnership fully intent on bringing down one of the Four Emperors, specifically Kaido. Strangely, we likewise will see Dr. Vegapunk’s fake Devil Fruits in real life.

Moreover, the circular segment guarantees that Dressrosa starts while terminating on all chambers as Vergo’s death on account of Trafalgar Law makes Doflamingo set out in pursuit of the actual union.

3. Zou Arc

The Zou Arc follows Luffy and the StrawHatPirates’ excursion after the occasions of Dressrosa where DonquixoteDoflamingo was brought down. Preceding Luffy, a large portion of the team drove by Sanji was at that point there. The Zou Arc is relatively short yet much the same as Sabaody Archipelago,

one of the circular segments where you can’t highlight a blunder. The Zou circular segment denoted the start of the Yonko Saga and uncovered the idea of the Road Poneglyphs to the fans.

The Pirate-Ninja-Mink-Samurai was shaping, and Luffy set out with the Rescue-Sanji Party to get his crewmate from the grip of the Vinsmoke Family and the Yonko Big Mom.

One Piece Arcs

2. Reverie Arc

As the Sanji-Retrieval Team head off to Wano Country, having gotten away from Big Mom’s grip. As the team sails towards Wano, we get a lot of sections that cover the Reverie get together where probably the most significant disclosures about the universe of One Piece are made.

Strangely, we will see the Revolutionary Army officers interestingly. Other than them, loads of old characters are available at the meetup considering various plans. We see the Shichibukai framework cancellation being advance, and in particular, the King of World, Imu-sama, is also uncovering.

1. Wano Country (So Far)

The Wano Country circular segment is the continuous bend in One Piece, ultimately seeing Luffy take on YonkoKaido at the Land of Wano. The Arc starts when the Sanji-Retrieval Team shows up at Wano, and the Straw Hat Pirates rejoin, somewhat.

The occasions of the Arc see Luffy taking on Kaido and losing sharply. The Straw Hat chief is then shippe off Udon. Meanwhile, the team makes more enrolls, making the union more grounded for the evening of the Onigashima Raid.

In the meantime, Big Mom’s landing in Wano means something terrible for the group. Up until this point, just two of the five Acts of Wano have been finishing. However, the Arc has been entirely significant.

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