Will Saitama Grow To Be A Villain?
However there are rumors about that say Saitama will possibly develop into a villain in One Punch Man season 2. believe that this will be happen because there was a leaked episode, that show Saitama getting angry at the some people. In addition some agree that this could happen because the hero will experience heartbreak. Apparently, Saitama will be involved in the love triangle. He will fall in love the first time. However his attention will be apparently involve Tatsumaki a Class S hero and Fubuki her sister a Class B hero.

The Real Identity Of The King Will Be Revealed ⇒
One Punch Man season 2 could also reveal the true identity of the King. king presents himself as a hard and fierce fighter who most people even criminals and monsters will want to avoid. However in the upcoming season Saitama will discover that King is a just faking his real character and the powers. What about Garou He is the only one who has survived Saitama serious punch and rumors about that more of him will be seen in the upcoming seasons as well.


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