One Piece: 10 Moments when hard workout performs Natural Talent

OP Moments: Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is a story full of influential personalities representing various organizations, all of which are the main characters Monkey D. Luffy. It revolves around Luffy. Luffy wants to be the pirate king when mighty pirates dominate the sea, and the Marines are doing their best to stop them. Luffy was influenced by Shanks in his early days, and he is quite influential in the world of pirates.

So far, many talented characters have appeared and made their name in the story. But, at the same time, some people train their minds and bodies to reach heights that would otherwise not be possible. Let’s see some of the most influential moments from the series where hard work beats the natural talent-

OP Moments

10. Roronoa Zoro outperformed almost all swordsmen.

The story of Roronoa Zoro’s One Piece began in the lower moon village of East Blue. There Zoro couldn’t beat Quina and lost 2,001 times. But Zoro’s promise to Kuina was and still drives him. Zoro has surpassed many talented swordfighters over the years, aiming for the throne of Mihawk. Zoro is unusual, but it is his effort to make him stand out and unique.

OP Moments

9. Sanji surpassed his siblings even without gene expansion.

Sanji is the son of Vinsmoke Judge by birth, the leader of the Kingdom of Germa. Before he was born, he and his brothers were experimented with to give him superhuman powers. Sanji’s mother, Sora, stopped his progress and took the powerful medicine that made him human. The other children were born very strong, but Sanji was weak.

However, he moved his mind and body and became as strong as his brother without genetic strengthening. Thanks to all that effort, his genetic enhancement later blossomed in Wano.

OP Moments

8. Monkey D. Garp becomes the strongest Marine without the Devil Fruit

All-powerful Marines, especially those with the Admiral rank, are known to have the Devil Fruit. Garp was by no means an admiral, but he certainly had the strength to surpass her in his prime minister. Garp was able to fight Shikiand Yonko without even having the Devil Fruit.

His haki made him very special, and this power could only be strengthened through training. Undoubtedly, Garp trained very hard to be as strong as it is today.

OP Moments

7. Coby has grown into a powerful and capable Marine.

Coby was once a pirate who was forced to work under Alvida in East Blue. After being released by Luffy, Coby joined the Marine Corps and was later personally trained by Garp. Under his intense training, Coby became more muscular and became one of the most vital naval captains in history. After a time jump, he will be stronger than ever, and one day he will become an admiral with only his hard work.

OP Moments

6. Usopp catches up with the rest of the crew. (OP Moments)

Usopp is regarded as one of the weakest members of the Straw Hat Pirates, but he has now come a long way over the years. His well to dream is to become a brave warrior of the sea, which sometimes forces him to endanger. At one point, Usopp was dissatisfied with not being able to catch up with the other crew.

But since then, he has grown a lot. Even when the crew has talented people, Usopp can catch up with them by working more complex and intelligent.

OP Moments

5. Nami can now defeat stronger enemies. (OP Moments)

Like Usopp, the likes of Nami is also one of the weakest members of the crew but has been moving forward and stronger over the years. Increase. Nami has been studying weather since her childhood, which has given her a great understanding of all phenomena. Coupled with her combat skills, Nami was able to fight and defeat some of her strongest enemies.

OP Moments

4. Chopper has surpassed almost every doctor in history (OP Moments)

Chopper was once a regular reindeer, but his life changed after he ate a single fruit. he was treated like a monster by those who attacked him many times until Hiriluk finally picked him up, followed by Kureha.

Under the last option, he got the hang of everything about medication and turned into an unbelievable specialist. He didn’t know anything about workmanship and surprisingly faulted himself for his dependence on Hiriluk, however, Chopper grew up to outperform all specialists on the planet.

OP Moments

3. Kuina defeated all men in her dojo, even though she was despised.

Koushiro’s daughter, Kuina, in her dojo, just because she was a girl, was despise by most people. She believed she didn’t even have what she needed to be a swordfighter, even her father. Despite all, Kuina trained incredibly hard and was so skilled that she defeated everyone who challenged her. Even Roronoa Zoro lost in 2001. This shows how much effort she put into it.

2. Shanks become a Yonko. (OP Moments)

Shanks rose to the position of the Four Emperors six years before the current plot of One Piece. All the other four emperors of the story have special powers, like Edward Newgate with a glaring flea, Kaido as a mythical Zoan dragon, and Big Mom, who has had enormous power since birth.

However, Shanks, who had no Devil Fruit and had only one arm, was somehow able to join the ranks of the Four Emperors and was very impressive. Shanks was shown quite early in the series, as long as in the first episode itself, and since then, this character has been regarded as the most potential one. His relation with Luffy is also quite adversely justified and has made sure that he hasn’t been out of fans’ minds since he came into existence.

1. Luffy surpassed both Ace and Sabo at the end of (OP Moments)

Luffy grew up with Ace and Sabo on Mount Corvo in the Kingdom of Goa. The three trained together to be stronger every day, but Luffy was much weaker. However, after years of training, he finally became one of the strongest living pirates, surpassing his two brothers. Currently, Luffy is strong enough to compete with something like the Four Emperors and shows the result of his efforts.

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