Oxygen (2021): Today we are getting to talking about this movie titled oxygen (2021) movie.

Oxygen (2021) may be a new Netflix thriller that’s directed by Alexandra aye

who recently directed crawl. Essentially what oxygen is we have

this woman who wakes up during a cryogenic chamber and

she or he has no recollection of who she is how she got there and she’s running out of oxygen

there’s this air that talks to her then she and she’s trying to piece information together

trying to contact somebody within the outside and this movie constantly is offering you.

Oxygen (2021)
Oxygen (2021) – Movie Review

The woman who wakes up during this cryogenic chamber and she or he

you recognize features a limited space to figure with but

she delivers a very chilling performance really captures what it might be wish to.

Wake up inside this small pod and not knowing who you’re she’s constantly terrified

she has got to find out what’s real or not because she sees these visions.

Constant terror that goes on throughout the film melanin Lawrence is true

there to deliver that basically good chilling performance very believable and realistic

for somebody who would awaken during a chamber like this

Alexandra aye may be a great director I even have enjoyed tons of his movies last crawl.

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