One of the Pokemon Go’s have many many mysteries is Pokemon spawn rates. What’s the chance that a Bulbasaur will be appear in yonder bushe? How often will I encounter a Mr. Mime? (Spoiler: .0031% of the time).

This morning, the Pokemon Go Hub published a Pokemon Go spawn rate chart’s using over 100 million data point’s from Poke Radar’s prediction algorithm data set. In his word’s, it is highly accurate. Because of Pokemon spawn rate’s fluctuate depending on where you live, this data set doesn’t necessarily reflect your specific location’s Pokemon spawning frequency. But looking at the over all average’s is a super interesting.

Out of every 1,000 Pokemon encountered, one will be a Kabuto. Peak Grow lithe strikes at 3:57 am. Psyduck spawn rate is 2.54%, although I hear he’s extremely common some places and quite rare in others.

The chart measures to (in order) Pokemons spawn chance, average a spawns per 10,000 Pokemon and most active spawn times.

If you’re one of the remainings Pokemasters braving the app’s continual bugs and a glitches, you might be interested to know that.


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