Hidden Cloud :-

4th Raikage :- (hoping he has a kid, would love to see that lightning armor again) Darui Omoi: (still young, more curious to see his abilities, hope they have him using those lightning swords he got) Killer B: (if the bubble kid isn’t his.)

Hidden Mist :-

Mei (former mizukage) Ao (dude with the rubber kekki genkai) Chojuro (current mizukage) Seven Ninja Swords in Hidden Mist: (If the writers don’t bring this group back they’re missing out on some major fan interest. I’d love to see this reformed under chojuro)

Hidden Sand :-

Kankuro (Most think he is the father of Garra adopted son, most evidence points to it. Shinki uses puppets and wheres face paint like kankuro, while also possessing the ability to control iron sand, which he could inherit from kankuro since he is in the kazekage bloodline. )

Hidden Stone :-

Onoki (particle jutsu will most likely live on in the new tsugikage, if not I expect onoki to take on a prodigy, only real powerhouse jutsu the stone has.) Current tsugikage

Rouge :-

Guren: (Crystal Release), Karin (Special Healing Jutsu), Seigetsu (please become a ninja sword hidden in the mist), Jugo Chino (that eye power of hers was pretty stupid but she can keep the bloodline going), Nowaki Mifune (lets see a new samurai)

Other stuff I’d like to see :-

Flying Rajin :- thought they were gonna have Naruto Uzumaki learn this before he became hokage, I’d like to see someone in the new gen. master it. Mokey King Enma: don’t think they’ll bring him back but would be cool if Konohamaru got that as his summon (yes I know he summoned a giant frog in Boruto episode 4)

If I missed anyone, or listed someone who is dead or has been announced not to have kids please let me know down below.


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