Psychonauts 2 Game (2021):

Psychonauts 2 : which is till now is the sequel to the very cult famously

hit which is also a highly anticipated coming from company Double Fine Productions.

This new game is now coming out on the date August 25 this year.

This game might come for Windows PC as well but for

sure it be for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

It might be also come for the Xbox Game Pass on its releasing date.

As per the Xbox’s press conference at E3 on the last Sunday

this confirmation has been declare and reveale by them.

this game might still be compatible to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

(as in the form of backward compatibility) this news was release by the Xbox organisation as well.

Psychonauts 2
Psychonauts 2: at last Releasing on August 25, 2021

This sequel was originally first announced in the year 2015

at the venue Game Awards which was a crowdfunding campaign.

It there it had reach to $3-million-dollar damn goal.

As for the Mac OS and Linux user it is still note clear yet but it

is anticipate that at some point in the future it might will come for them as well.

Double Fine Productions who has debuted this brand fresh

new trailer of this game which features some new scenes of

the game which is available over youtube to watch during their press conference.

In Psychonauts 2 you might be able to play as character

Razputin  Aquato (also known as the Raz) who is an acrobat and as well as a young psychic

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