was the most popular mobile game in India and several other countries as well last year.

PUBG Mobile: During the lockdown, It hits most Millions of downloads.

Due to the harsh relations between India and China

one of the incidents was the June,

clash in the Galway Valley banned in India.

Thought They had announced a comeback later in a

new avatar called PUBG Mobile India but still

yet comeback is pending. Last year PUBGMobile was banned in the india

under Section 69A of the Information Technology (IT) Act.

The game was banned include TikTok, Camscanner, Ali Express and several more.

We still not have seen the new PUBG game yet.

Recent reports are coming out we can expect the

Battlegrounds Mobile India to be re launched any time soon

but with a different name. the Battlegrounds Mobile India

game is expected to launch this game in India

with the new name the Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The company has also created a new official website

With that, they have also changed the Facebook user handle

for official PUBGMobile India to @battlegroundsmobilein.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile: PUBG Mobile India …Coming Soon…

PUBG Mobile: India released a teaser on their YouTube channel

and within few seconds deleted it after uploading.

With all this, we can say that the PUBGMobile team is

hard working very very hard to officially bring back the game to India.

However, we are still not properly sure as to when the game will make its comeback

though there are some speculation are going on regarding the data.

Developer(s) : PUBG Corporation[a]

Publisher(s) : PUBG Corporation

Director(s) : Brendan Greene And Jang Tae-seok

Producer(s) : Kim Chang-han

Designer(s) : Brendan Greene

Artist(s) : Jang Tae-seok

Composer(s) : Tom Salta

Engine : Unreal Engine 4

Platform(s) : Microsoft Windows , Android , iOS , Xbox One , PlayStation 4 , Stadia

Release : December 20, 2017

Genre(s) : Battle royale

Mode(s) : Multiplayer



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