PUBG: NEW STATE Is Coming to India

PUBG NEW STATE: Calling all PUBG players in India! The time to gearing up and getting hyped with fellow survivors has finally come. Yes PUBG: NEW STATE is ready to come to India. PUBG has achieved great love and support in India. Although PUBG New State has taken some time to come to India they are coming with a bang. According to PUBG, it took them some time to get the things ready for the survivors. But now the wait is over.

Pre-registration on Google Play and Pre-registration on the App Store is now available. Make sure you are signed in to your preferred platform and pre-register the game and become the first survivor to drop into Troi at launch.


The system requirements of PUBG New State:

The PUBG: NewState is available for both iOS and Android platforms. For IOS if you have an iPhone 6s or operating system with version iOS 13 or higher can run PUBG: NewState. For android, if you have 2 GB of RAM and an operating system with version Android 6.0 or higher can run the PUBG: NewState.


PUBG: New State is the next version of PUBG mobile and it has many interesting features:

1. PUBG: NEWSTATE explores the next-generation PUBG graphics.

2. Highly realistic graphics that push the limits of gaming.

3. The ultimate PUBG experience in your hands.


4. With the new advanced technology, PUBG: NEWSTATE has surpassed what was earlier possible in gaming graphics.

5. – A massive battleground with another level of reality achieved only by PUBG STUDIOS

6. Vulkan (API) enables the most stable service with high-end performance and optimization.

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