Raya and the Last Dragon: I know that Disney these days has an embarrassment of riches

Raya and the Last Dragon – but it’s a little frustrating that riot in the last dragon is coming out

the same day as the Wanda vision finale because this movie deserves

its own window for discussion because it’s truly incredible it just could have

come out a week later.

it’s frustrating I believe that under Jennifer lee’s leadership I’m so happy for her

you know she’s really doing amazing doing an amazing job as the new head of

Disney animation remember after john Lasseter’s unfortunate.

Raya and the Last Dragon
Raya and the Last Dragon : Review

this is his first directing gig and animation

although it seems he’s going to be sticking around with disney for the for a long time

after seeing this movie I totally understand and then also screenwriters

like queen wen and adele lim also new to animation I believe we’re entering

a new Disney renaissance and while this isn’t a musical

I would say that riot in the last dragon is at the level of Howard Ashman’s Disney

work I know and Ashman himself, of course, was new to

animation coming from musical theater and I don’t want to discredit the work

that animators and you know career-long you know animation art artists

bring to this work but I think it’s the excitement.

with no spoilers in just a moment but first overall what’s so impressive

about raya in the last dragon is its scope the film itself not including

the credits is we have to do that now

uh you know wanda vision uh is an hour and a half long

you get an hour and a half of movie the same length actually is both

frozen films and while the frozen films are iconic Raya has even more story

it’s not a musical so every minute advances the story think instead of musical

numbers you get fight sequences so cool.

i was thrilled i was wowed i cried i genuinely cried they got me

it was great is it worth the 30 for premiere access that’s the thirty dollar

question well of course that’s up to you

but i guarantee you that you will watch this movie at least twice

i’m definitely gonna watch it again when it debuts uh this coming weekend

it’s that good it is a world you will

definitely want to spend a lot of time in because it is incredibly well

realized and there’s so much going on in it i mean we only get a taste.

this film is also not only entertaining but very well structured from a dis

from for well for Disney from a business perspective I can see

I can easily see a sequel but also I can see an ongoing animated series

that’s so clearly set up to spin out of this I mean if this hits and I really hope

it does because it’s that good uh it deserves I think it has the potential to be

just as big as frozen it’s really really strong I loved it that’s all I can say

for now, because there are plenty of surprises in the movie but

I will be doing a spoiler review Raya hits theaters and Disney plus premiere

access this Friday and I can’t wait for all of you to see it so we can talk about it.

so write your thoughts down below in the comment box and of course as always you can check out some more of my blogs. thanks for reading.


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