Red skull is free:First of all, Thanos didn’t destroy the infinity stones

Red skull is free: Thanos but decrease the infinity stones to atoms By using

the power of the infinity stones which he confirmed later in the initial scene of

the movie avengers endgame and at the same time while he was using those stones As the

stones released so much gamma energy that Thanos was not able to bear that

and of course was almost half dead after that,

And as far as the RedSkull is concerned then he got free from his duties when Thanos sacrificed

Gamora for the soul stone in movie in fact,

the persons who will come in the search of the soul stone

and as soon as someone gets the soul stone he will be set free from his punishment and duties together

and as Thanos collected the soul stone again

Redskull was free to leave

Red skull is free
Red skull is free: If Thanos destroyed the infinity stones in Endgame does that mean Red skull is free from his duties?

Vormir and do whatsoever he wants to do In real.

And if someone argues that what Is about when Hawkeye got the soul stone

by sacrificing Black the widow then at that time

also RedSkull was free As well but that happened in an altogether different timeline

which was however different from the current timeline,

hence even if you say that RedSkull was made free

when Hawkeye got the soul stone then you are right but to put it simply you can just understand

further that Red Skull at that time was different from the Red Skull at

the time of Thanos because of alternative timelines created in space actually.

Even the Russo brothers tweeted recently about this that Redskull is free to leave Vormir

now and is also free to pursue his desires As well.

Hence as soon as Thanos got the soul stone

Then Red skull was also set free to leave Vormir


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