Rinnegan + Tensigan = God Eye??, Possibility of Uzumaki Boruto Having God Eye??


We know that Hamura Otsutsuki blood line has byakugan then tensigan and six paths (Hagoromo) has sharingan then mangeko sharingan change into rinnegan so what if you combined those two chakras what eyes Rinnegan + Tensigan would you get, powers of them and possibility of Uzumaki boruto having them??

I think more like Tenseigan + Rinne Sharingan. I’m sure Sharingan and Rinnegan are just Rinne Sharingan split.

Rinne Sharingan seems to be a result of eating the chakra fruit, at least for Kaguya it was. Where the Tenseigan fits and how Hamura Otsutsuki got it is unknown.

And no, Uzumaki Boruto can’t get them. Only someone with chakra like Hagoromo Otsutsuki (and Momoshiki I guess) can have the Rinnegan and unless Uzumaki Boruto gets a transplant, Boruto can’t have Sharingan. For Tenseigan, and The Last novel says by combining chakras of Hamura’s with Hyuga Moon descendant chakra, the last being Toneri Otsutsuki. So Uzumaki Boruto could or could not get Tenseigan by taking Otsutsuki Toneri’s chakra.Or Uzumaki Boruto could get Hamura’s chakra, seeing as Hyuga Hinata has it, Hamura is an Otsutsuki as well, so the only source isn’t Otsutsuki Toneri. Plus Uzumaki Boruto is descended from the Hyuga Clan as is Himawari too, so it could probably be done for either of them, or even Hyuga Hinata had she wished

As for the Tenseigan, it personally strikes me like the (MS) Mangekyo Sharingan, it’s an advanced form, seeing as it literally takes having Byakugan eyes to form it. Difference being it seems to take combining 2 powerful chakras to manifest it, rather than pain of loss

When Otsutsuki Toneri was draining chakra from Uzumaki Naruto, Hyuga Hinata used her own to mix with Naruto’s, preventing Otsutsuki Toneri from draining anymore for whatever reason, he couldn’t drain Otsutsuki Hamura’s chakra, when at the start of the movie he drained Hyuga Hinata’s chakra entirely (before she met Otsutsuki Hamura). As well as using it to destroy the Tenseigan Energy Vessel before that, with some help from Uzumaki Naruto

Hyuga Hinata even said that Otsutsuki Hamura’s chakra flows within her when questioned about how from Otsutsuki Toneri- it shows well, considering that it changed her Twin Lion Fists color from blue to purple Uchiha Sasuke had a similar thing happen to his Chidori when channeling his half of Otsutsuki Hagoromo’s power/chakra

As far as descendant though, that’s about as far as any Hyugas being descended from the Otsutsuki clan, there’s no proof it was anything more direct. Even Otsutsuki Hamura’s title of Byakugan Princess seemed to be because Hyuga Hinata chakra was pure ‘simply’ because of that fact, rather than anything truly special. Or least that’s how I saw it.


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