Gol. D. Rogers treasure that the world wants to seek.

Roger: One Piece is one of the longest-running anime and manga series and the shounen manga’s unsurpass D. legends that yet has to find its match and is set to end. With numerous story arcs waiting to be wrap up and the last fights waiting to be battle, it’s not difficult to disregard Gol D. Roger and his secretive fortune.

From the earliest starting point, tracking down Roger’s mythical “One Piece” has been the main thrust pushing the whole series forward, spurring incalculable characters to act when essential and battle whenever the situation allows. However, this makes one wonder: what is One Piece? What is the baffling fortune that Roger abandoned?

The declaration of its reality began the Golden Age of Pirates, encouraging many privateers to look for the secret prize without knowing what it was. Considering this current, we should run down a few and weigh up probably the best speculations.


Camaraderie Is the Real Reward (Roger)

Many individuals accept that the fortune will end up being nothing. Roger, after being execute, purposely made up the account of One Piece and his future to spike on more robbery. Should somebody discover it, they’ll previously turn into the best pirate on the planet, which is a prize all by itself.

Imagine a scenario in which the genuine One Piece was just the actual excursion and the companions Luffy – or another person – made en route. We can preclude this one without any problem. MangakaEiichiroOda affirmed that Roger’s fortune is an actual award.

Besides, when Marshall D. Show killed Edward Newgate (Whitebeard), the pirate king Gol D. Roger’s opponent and comrade, the old pirate era affirm that the world would be “deeply shaken” when joy boy treasures One Piece was found. So whatever this thing is, it will end up being something genuine and significant.


A Personal Treasure (Roger)

One repeating theme in One Piece is the possibility that fortune isn’t generally gold. For example, Luffy’s cap is a fortune to him. However, it is worthless – It’s load with wistful recollections. In like manner, maybe Gol D. Roger’s fortune is certainly not an enormous measure of gold, however some close to a home thing of his.

The perspective also accentuates that many of Roger’s pirates had that individual fortune holds more worth than financial fortune. Something significant to Roger would be more than a gold chest. Given this, One Piece could, at last, be some futile knick-knack.

However, this wouldn’t coordinate with what Whitebeard said, except if the world would be shaken to its center concerning how frustrating Roger’s fortune is to gold-chasing privateers.


A Missing 800-year Piece of History

Another and more promising hypothesis is that One Piece will be a Rio Poneglyph. Poneglyphs are colossal tablets writing in an antiquated language, itemizing the historical backdrop of an old group. There are 30 altogether. Nico Robin, one of Luffy’s crewmates, can understand them, yet she appears to be separate from everyone else in this expertise.

The Word Government has announced them dangerous weapons, halfway due to some detail the presence of the three mysterious yet powerful superweapons. These weapons are Poseidon, Uranus, and Pluton, which are regard as substantial.

As per the updates, the origin of Poneglyphs was first made in Wano Country by the Kozuki Family, used to detail the occasions of the Void Century. Gol D. Roger is a relative of this family. There is a ton of proof that One Piece is attach to the Poneglyphs somehow or another.

Four “Road Poneglyphs” that teach individuals to follow a specific way prompting Raftel, an island that central Rogers and his team at any point came to. Many trusts One Piece is conceale on this subtle island.


During the Arc of Skypiea, certain things happened there, which weighed more to this idea. First, Luffy and his Straw Hats found that Gol D. Roger left his message in the language of the antiquated individuals, let anybody know who read it to, “Continue to push ahead.”

It is conceivable One Piece is essentially a Poneglyph enumerating some hidden truth of history – something that would be earth-shaking information – or it is Roger’s very own Poneglyph creation.

Pluton, Uranus And Poseidon

The three superweapons laid out by the Poneglyphs have been referre to all through the series. Poseidon is an exceptional capacity accessible to Mermen to control all ocean life, even the almighty Sea Kings. Poseidon is as of now moved by the Mermaid Princess, Shirahoshi. The other two, in any case, remain covered in secret.

Pluton is a colossal ship equippe for crushing entire islands. Franky, Luffy’s inhabitant cyborg, had a diagram of the boat that he eventually consumed. Indeed, even less is thought about Uranus, an almighty weapon that can eradicate the world in some unacceptable hands.

It is said that Gol D. Roger tracked down the three weapons. However, this is unverified. It is known, in any case, that Roger never utilize the guns. Since to their binds with the Polygraphs, One Piece could be either the Pluton or Uranus – or, maybe, the two of them gathered in a real sense into one Piece.

Simply a Big Ol’ Pile of Gold (Roger)

One Piece’s most baffling end objective would discover that Roger’s fortune is only a great deal of gold. It would do not have any topical reverberation and be, in many regards, insignificant. There are vast loads of gold supplies all through the Grand Line. Huge loads of characters are madly rich.

Furthermore, how might Luffy manage all that gold? What might Luffy, an individual who esteems a straw cap and experience over wealth, do with all that cash? One Piece ought to emblematically address Luffy’s objectives – or, in any event, something Roger esteemed.

On the other hand, One Piece can be money-relate worth, similar to the deed to a specific landmass. Property that can be auctione off, or, maybe, something can adjust the economy of the world government. Perhaps some mystery could integrate divergent things to make more congruity. Or then again, maybe a piece of trickery can offer an opportunity to make more wealth.

While this theory is eventually purposeless until Oda offers us our response in five years, fans ought to stay hopeful that Gol D. Roger’s mysterious fortune won’t be as shallow or clear in all parts of gold or something as theoretical as a simple feeling of achievement.

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