Top 10 Interesting Facts About Sai Naruto 2022

Sai is a Konohagakure ANBU-level shinobi from the defunct faction Root. He went on to become one of the series’ primary supporting characters and a member of Team Kakashi, replacing Sasuke Uchiha. Sai begins as a mystery shinobi who hides his true identity behind a false smile. Here’s what he didn’t want you to know about himself. In this article, we will discuss the top ten facts about Sai. 

Sai is a character who does not appear in Naruto until Part Two after the audience has spent several hundred episodes getting to know the rest of Naruto’s cohort. After Sasuke leaves the Hidden Leaf Village and Naruto returns to the village after three years of training with Jiraiya, he replaces Sasuke in Team Kakashi.

His past, as well as the way he interacts with Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi, makes him a unique addition to the team and a unique experience for the characters, forcing them to learn how to connect with and work with a different kind of ninja than Sasuke.


1. Sai Training With Anbu Root

Root was a very specific subsect of the Anbu, a ninja unit that specializes in bringing in renegade ninja, generally by killing them. Sai grew up in training with Root. The root specifically trained its ninjas to be emotionless and to follow commands without question. This allowed them to carry out unethical or difficult missions without feeling pressed. Root was disbanded after the death of its creator, Danzo Shimura, who was possibly the least likable character in the series, and Sai and the other ninjas in the group were transferred.


2. Sai Relationship With Kakashi

Kakashi, like Sai, is a former Anbu member. This creates a unique bond and friendship between them. Sai refers to Kakashi as “senpai,” which translates to “senior” in Japanese. This is a mark of appreciation and acknowledgment of Kakashi’s ninja experience. Sai also wants to battle Kakashi one day, presumably to establish his worth as a ninja and demonstrate how much he’s learned, improved, and grown in strength.


3. Sai Personality

Sai has spent much of his life not really in touch with his own emotions as a result of his training with Root. He’s been taught to stomp on them and ignore them. Sai has a hard time understanding how relationships between people can encourage others as a result of his training and his lack of social experience and personal initiative. He frequently displays similar perplexity when considering why Naruto would go to such lengths to defend Sasuke, a traitor, even if Naruto had not been instructed to do so.

Even when he re-establishes contact with them, he retains part of his training as well as some of the personality traits that resulted from it. He’s very submissive and obedient, eager to accept directions and follow them without question.


4. Sai Brother Shin

When Sai was younger, he had a sibling named Shin who he considered his brother. They were both trained to feel no emotion and have no personal attachments because they were both members of the Anbu’s Root division. Despite this, they became close and enjoyed a nearly brotherly bond. Danzo commanded Shin and Sai to fight to the death to eliminate their emotions, but because Shin was already dying of an illness, he told Sai to inform Danzo that he had won.


5. Pays Attention To Detail

The fact that Sai’s training and calm attitude have helped him to become exceptionally excellent at spotting minutiae is one of the major assets he provides to Team Kakashi. He can see past battle trickery and help his teammates by seeing threats that they haven’t seen yet. He’s also a good friend as a result of this. He can tell when people are lying and how they are feeling, allowing him to silently support them even if they aren’t telling him the truth.


6. Wants To Rediscover His Emotions

Sai has realized that having emotions is a unique aspect of being human after spending time with Naruto and Sakura. Because of the way they feel and communicate their sentiments with each other, he recognizes they’re so close

and have so many essential relationships. As he grows closer to them, he becomes more determined to recover his feelings so that he can have the same types of interactions they do.


7. Sai Speaks Without Thinking

Sai isn’t always the most sensitive to other people’s sentiments because he hasn’t spent much time with other people or with friends. He believes that being honest is the most important thing he can do as a friend,

and he doesn’t grasp the difference between honesty and rudeness at first. He must understand that being kind sometimes entails not always saying exactly what he means every time he has an idea.


8. Has Trouble With Friends

He doesn’t have a strong concept of how friendships function because of his training with Root. He’s been taught not to think too much about other people or to understand how and why relationships form between individuals because having bonds makes it more difficult to complete a dangerous task,

especially when loved ones may perish in the process. It’s a topic of disagreement between him and Naruto because Naruto has such strong feelings for Sasuke and Sai doesn’t understand why.

9. His Hobbies

It’s difficult to see any of the Naruto characters having hobbies. It’s impossible to believe that the characters have any free time to do anything for enjoyment or relaxation because they spend so much time on missions and training. But Sai does have a few interests, though it’s hard to imagine him finding the time to pursue them. He enjoys drawing and calligraphy as a hobby.

10. His Wife

Even though he initially thinks she is ugly, Sai marries Ino and they have a son named Inojin, which is revealed in the manga’s last chapter. Apart from their rough start,

the most intriguing aspect of their relationship is that Sai adopts Ino’s surname when they marry. He is the series’ only male character to accomplish so.

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