Ten interesting facts about Shanks: One Piece

Shanks: Through this blog, we are going to see some interesting facts about Shanks in One piece. A lot of us are his fans and there is no abundant information available about him But let’s see the available information about him this powerful and courageous mysterious man one by one. We will see just ten intriguing facts about Shanks. This mysterious man is a super cool one!

1)Shanks and Luffy

We as the audience will think that the ‘Hero of the Marines’ grandson will be a justice seeker and fights for it. The pirate fever had caught him and Garp was not able to eradicate his grandson from it. In his childhood days, only Luffy and Shanks had met. By getting good impressions from Shanks and the crew Luffy decided to become a pirate. Luffy gave Shanks a lot of respect. Once when Luffy had drowned Shanks saved him. He has to sacrifice his hand for it. he also gave Luffy his Straw hat He gives the hat only by making him promise to give it back to him after some days. Shanks is one of the calm and good men by heart in the series.


2)Competition between Shanks and Mihawk

All the fans know about the competition held between Shanks and Mihawk. All are very excited and interested in it on the day it was known. For Whitebeard, their competition is very brutal. Their rivalry is so famous in Grand Line. We know that Shanks lost an arm and after this Mihawk is not even interested to fight with Shanks. Even though they have competition between them they have some similar things in common. For example, they have their birthdays on the same day. And that is on March 9.


3)Pirate Journey

he was not a good pirate in the beginning only. To be one, he has to work a lot for it. His journey as a pirate started on the crew of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. We can see him in tears when his captain was executed at Logue Town. he and Buggy had detached and went on their ways at Logue town. he became the famous character and Buggy became a famous clown in the series.


4)Shanks Saber

he has a sword in his hand and so he is a swordsman. Its name is Gryphon. For now, we don’t know the grade of Gryphon. Also, the information is unavailable on whether the Gryphon is Meito or not. But anyway with the available data it can be a rare item in One Piece. Mihawak and Shanks are having a competition with each other. And we have seen many clashes between them in the past But it’s not true that Mihawk has a Saijō Ō Wazamono grade sword and Shanks have an ordinary sword.


5)Huge Fan base

Among all the Yonkou members he is the famous one in the series. Out of all, he has the most fan followers in Yonkou. In the sixth Fan, Poll conducted he was in the eleventh position. He came the highest in Yonkou. Other members like Blackbeard, Big Mom, and Kaido finished in 48 th, 69th, and 96th positions respectively. From here only we can see his strength and fan base. The gap is very big between him and other Yonkou members.


6)Oda the fan of Shanks

For Oda, Shanks is the character who matches a lot with him For Oda, both their characters and personalities are somewhat the same. he and Oda both are quiet and cool. Also, both of them have similar stand-out attire. So Oda follows and loves Shanks a lot. Anyone who wants to be cool will adore a character like Shanks.


7)Haki User

His debut was at an early age. His meeting with Luffy was before he became a Yonkou. he has also illustrated to the audience the usage of Haki Shanks is the first member to use Haki in the series. He has used Haoshoku Haki. We know that Shanks doesn’t have a devil fruit to use like other Yonkou members. So he had depended on the Haki. He is a powerful Haki user. Oda had made remarks on Shanks telling that if he uses Haoshoku Haki in Fish-Man island instead of Luffy then he could have made down almost 100,000 Fishmen.


8)Not a Rock Pirates Member

Another specialty about Shanks is that in Yonkou he is not a member of the Rocks Pirates before Blackbeard. All other Yonkou members are Rock Pirates. Rocks Pirates have fought against the Roger Pirates and the Marines and this made a clash between the two of them. Many things had changed with the incident in the God Valley. Roger’s arch-rival, called as Rocks D. or Gol D.’s life had put down to worse.

9)Yonkou at a young age

Recently only it was confirmed to the audience that Shanks is very young in Yonkou. Only six years ago he had joined. But other members are older than Shanks It is very good to see how he rise to the journey to a Yonkou member It’s very intriguing to watch what did Shanks had done to become a Yonkou at an early age There are many mysteries to be revealed about Shanks on a lot of things and let’s just wait and watch!!

10)Not having devil fruit

he doesn’t have any devil fruit powers. From the Yonkou he is the only one who doesn’t have it. This makes him unique from the Yonkou members as all have devil fruit powers. Kaido has an ancient mythical zoan. Through this, he can change into an eastern dragon. Big Mom have the Soru Soru no Mi. Through this, she can take souls. Blackbeard has two devil’s fruits that are Yami Yami no Mi and Gura Gura no Mi. The former one is used to invalidate other devil fruits. And the latter one is to produce tremors This all showcases that even though Shanks doesn’t have devil fruits, he is very powerful.

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