Shazam (2019): Today we are becoming to talking about this movie titled Shazam (2019) movie.

Shazam (2019): Zachary Levi playing the character Shazam also as an asher angel from dandy

mac plane the young Billy Batson now this movie is an effortlessly entertaining film.

Billy Batson foster child who gets these powers from a wizard and he has of these different

sorts of powers and he uses it for himself but he has got to find out how to use it for the great

as he fights off against dr. Savannah is often directed by David F Sandberg who previously directed lights out also as Annabel.

Shazam (2019)
Shazam (2019) – Movie Review

I really did find this movie to be funny now the villain in here dr. Thaddeus Savannah.

i would like to mention Savannah but is it savanah of savanah item unsure i feel this is often

one among the higher DCE you villains. this movie a few 14-year-old teenager who gets

the powers of a wizard and therefore the movie just manages to possess fun thereupon

idea I’ve always liked the character of Shazam.

I liked the fresh combat a superhero and that i think it translates very nicely into this movie

once he gets his superpowers him and his foster sibling are having tons of fun they’re

uploading videos on YouTube he’s standing outside places and doing dances and shooting lightning

bolts out of his fingers just to urge a fast buck so he’s having fun with in the least and that

I think that is what typical teenager would do if they got superpowers they might tried to

urge some money and that they would just celebrate with it.

it’s an origin story and that i just think that the standard understanding your power is you are feeling

like you are not worthy to be the superhero and overcoming that then defeating the villain it is the same

structure as other superhero movies. it’s only one occasion watch movie.

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