Interesting Facts about Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru is Naruto’s all-knowing ninja, yet not everything about him is known. Several characters in the Naruto universe spend most of their time hiding in the shadows, but none more so than Shikamaru Nara. He holds the desired Shadow Possession Jutsu, which allows him to control his opponents’ movements using their shades, as he is the lone child of the Nara clan. He not only possesses tremendously powerful natural powers,

but he is also one of the few genins who have the intelligence to back up his abilities. Shikamaru’s extraordinarily high intelligence prevents him from feeling the need to apply himself. He’s one of the most laid-back kids, which means that despite being one of the brightest and most capable students,


he avoids responsibility whenever possible because he doesn’t want anybody to have unrealistic expectations of him. Despite that, he can deliver when it matters most. Even though he’s one of the genius who doesn’t receive much screen time, there’s still a lot about him that people don’t know.

Young Shikamaru and choji naruto have an unusual friendship.

Shikamaru and Choji are already good friends when viewers are introduce to them, and they appear to be an unusual couple. No one can blame fans for not watching every episode of Naruto

because the series is so extensive and loaded with filler. On the other hand, it can make it easy to overlook little facts about people’s backgrounds or how they met. Enraged by the others’ bullying of Choji, Shikamaru wandered off to cloud-watch in his favorite area,

reflecting his lethargic, non-confrontational personality. When he arrived, Choji was already there, so the two of them exchanged snacks and gazed at the clouds together.


Shikamaru, a young man, is looking for something.

Even though Shikamaru is one of the series’ laziest characters, he always manages to come through when it matters most, thanks to his great intellect and strategic abilities. However, while he was still a student at the academy, this couldn’t apply to him. Shikamaru despised putting in the effort at the academy and would rather sleep during courses than pay attention to him. He also had a bad history of flunking examinations and receiving poor results while being more than capable of excelling at them even after napping through courses.


Goals and morals that clash

Shikamaru’s moral compass keeps him from being as lazy as he’d want in his own life, despite his initial intention of putting forth as little effort as possible. Even though he dislikes being drawn into unneeded confrontation,

he appreciates his allies and will volunteer for missions or extra effort if it would help him in any manner. Despite this, he will go to great lengths to avoid acknowledging that he enjoys assisting his allies. Instead of complaining about how difficult it is, he’d rather give more than his all.


Aspirational Shift

Shikamaru’s aim for much of his time on-screen was to live as leisurely and carefreely as possible, even though he would apply himself in times of true adversity. However, with the death of his teacher, Asuma, he was force to acknowledge that

the world was not as safe as he always believed. Shikamaru’s perspective was force to adapt dramatically due to this, which happily turn out for the better. Rather than live in obscurity and cloud-watch his days away, he chose to work as hard as he could so that his children and grandkids may do the same if they so desired.


Shikamaru carries Temari naruto, much like his father.

Shikamaru is frequently seen chastising his father for being ‘whippy by his wife, remarking that he would never allow himself

to be held down by a woman in this manner. But, strangely, this is exactly what happens in his relationship with Temari. Shikamaru enables her to order him around the same way his father does, and the two even have a kid together once he learns she is one of his most important things.


Potential that has yet to be realized

When one thinks about a ninja with the potential to become Kages, one immediately thinks of Kakashi or even Gaara, who eventually became the Kazekage. On the other hand, Shikamaru was mention by Asuma, Temari,

and even Naruto’s kid as having the potential to become a great Hokage. Even though he begins to stand up to the plate and take his responsibilities more seriously, Shikamaru declares that being the Hokage would be way too much responsibility for him.


Statistics from the government

Most characters in the series have numbered statistics ranging from one to five that rank their overall talents, thanks to the official databooks that are publish. Shikamaru has three sets of data because fans see him and the others at different development points; however, this article will focus entirely on his final join stats.

His IQ is a perfect five out of five, and his ninjutsu is a three-and-a-half out of five. His genjutsu, stamina, and hand seals all score three out of five, but his speed is a two-and-a-half. Finally, his taijutsu and strength are both two, indicating that he lacks any statistics.


shikamaru winking naruto Situational Awareness

Shikamaru has always been able to discern other people’s emotional states and interpersonal situations, even while he was still a genin, thanks to his extraordinary intelligence. The best illustration of this is when he and his team come across a cornered Sakura who needs assistance. Shikamaru halted for a while, unlike Naruto,

who would have charged in without considering how the rest of his squad felt. He remembered how tense his teammate Ino’s relationship with Sakura had been, and he decided to leave the decision of whether or not to intervene in her hands, wanting to make sure she was comfortable doing so.

Shikamaru naruto is surprisingly popular.

Shikamaru is surprisingly popular among the general fandom, despite being one of the original ninja-in-training who doesn’t get nearly as much screen time as they deserve. While he didn’t fare well in the early polls, things began to improve as the series went. A fourth popularity poll was held after the 199th manga chapter, and Shikamaru managed to get to fourth place. Sasuke, Kakashi, and Naruto himself were the only characters who could beat him.

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