Ancient Kingdom: Details About Ancient Kingdom, 3 Weapons, and Kozuki Clan in One Piece


in detail ancient Kingdom and Our Throughout:-

Now the first thing to remember In the ancient Kingdom and in the story and the various adventures of strawhats, That there is a symbol that appears to be irrelevant to the places.

on the one hand He’s a globe like there’s 8 planets around and aslo

This symbol appeared on skypea at the top of the shandians and there shoulder,

on the flag of Alabasta and even Wano have Moons, and which is part of the Kozuki Clan.

Ancient Kingdom
Ancient Kingdom: Details About Ancient Kingdom, 3 Weapons, and Kozuki Clan in One Piece

in fact the meaning of this symbol even possible to connect in 3 different places (Moons)
that Can it really be that, without us knowing as, Oda has already written the Ancient Kingdom symbol?

Inside the ohara library, we find a huge Globe,

which you may be familiar with, seems to depict a piece of earth surrounded by many planets similarly.

Now it is similar to our history because it’s of course absolutely entirely possible

that the scholars of Ohara simply believed the “earth” to be the center of the solar system,

and indeed these objects are the planets circling the earth.

So This would mean that these globes would have to be multiple moons, circling the planet. Now, if that were to be the case,

on the other hand how is it that we only ever see 1 single moon in fact the sky at night throughout the entire story?

One month we know from the story of a cover story in Enel (God), which he called Vearth (Soil). then and Now we know that this the moon did in fact ​harbor life at some point in the past and that the Birkas, the winged people of “Skypea”, originally came from there, as they fled to earth for a lack of resources recently

Ancient Kingdom
Inside the ‘ohara library’ moon in the sky

Simultaneously The question is what’s in the moon from the astronomical model in Ohara? :-

in the same way What if I said in the past of 1 or 8 months

and its own there life, culture, and technology.

As these months have been “abandoned” or “destroyed” at some points in the past,

and various people have fled the world to begin a new life in the world of humans meanwhile.

actually, Where did I get the number 8? Just simple =
Vearth Moon – Birkas (skypeia) for instance

Ancient Kingdom
Ancient Kingdom: Details About Ancient Kingdom, 3 Weapons, and Kozuki Clan in One Piece
  1. Triton Moon (based in a real moon in our solar system) –
    Tritons, merfolks, and mermaids.
  2. Titan Moon (based in a real moon in our solar system)Giants
  3. Callisto Moon (based in the real moon, as in the Greek mythology Calisto was the daughter of Lycaon (werewolf Myth), and she was transformed into a bear – Mink
  • Long arms and Long Legs – Unknown moon
  • Snake neck race – Unknown moon
  • 3 eyes race – Unknown moon
  • Tonttatas – Unknown moon

on the other hand, Deimos Moon (based in a real moon, in mythology, is the personification of terror – Devil race
Ancient Kingdom

Ancient Kingdom
Ancient Kingdom ‘Raftel

The Kozuki Clan:-

Now Part of the Ancient Kingdom, and they made the poneglyph’s.

Even the history of the kozuki clan in time history is placed here and where the “Ancient Weapon” is found yet.

Therefore The ancient kingdom made three strongest weapons to fight Devil Fruits,

3 Weapons:-

Poseidon – to command the sea kings inherited by the Fishman.

Pluton – capable destroying entire island.

Uranus – unknown power that I give you related to hangin or person and a person who can turn the people into his allies.


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