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Something About Chino From Chinoike clan

Chino is one of the surviving Member of the Chinoike clan, Chino was kidnapped by The En Oyashiro, who had been collecting shinobi in possession of a kekkei genkai when she was very young to the point where she forgot her parents faces. He raised her into a vengeful shinobi and merciless, giving her task of capturing other kekkei genkai user’s and eliminating threat’s. Upon learning her entire clan had been wiped out by the enemies and angered by the mistreatment from En Oyashiro, Chino flees from him and set’s out on her own path. Along the way, she meet’s Nowaki. The two then band together and travel together, robbing the rich people of their goods for themselves to survive. However, Chino was not able to let go of her hatred towards the village’s, which she blames for allowing her clan to perish.

Chino has short, spiky light-blonded hair, neck-length. Two thick strands reach onto her rosy cheeks. She also has violet eye’s with small brows. However, They turn red when she activates her Ketsuryugan. Chino is small for her age as Sasuke pointed out that she looked ten years old Girl when he first met her and was surprised when she told him that she was in fact much older than him.

Chino is considered to be a very powerful kunoichi. Being a member of the Chinoike clan she possesses the Ketsuryugan, which allows her to manipulate blood and the excel in genjutsu. Using Water Release, Chino can create defensive wall’s, blobs of water to attack with him, and blow soap bubble’s from her mouth. Chino also is a sensor type, who can expel chakra into the ground, in order to sense individual’s. As such, she is considered a better sensor than the Karin, and capable of sensing changes into chakra that Sasuke can’t detect.

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