At some point in the past, Gran Torino was part of the U.A. Staff, All Might’s homeroom teacher, and a close friend of his predecessor Nana Shimura. During a practical training session with All Might, Gran Torino made All Might (Toshinori) spew.

Quirk and Abilities ⇒

Jet – Gran can shoot air from the propulsion boosters at the bottom of his feet, giving himself an incredible jumping ability and great speed. However, Gran can only use the air that he breathes to propel himself. Furthermore, Gran cannot propel himself far into the sky.

While nothing is known about the full extent of his strength, All Might (Toshinori), a world famous and number 1 Hero, was intimidated by him. Though this may be due to a number of other reasons, as Gran Torino was All Might’s (Toshinori) teacher. During All Might’s (Toshinori) younger days, Gran made All Might spew. Gran was able to defeat an Artificial Human by himself, whereas it took many Pro Heroes to defeat one. He defeated and knocked out Twice, Kenji and Spinner in a matter of seconds.


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