Guys, a Little of the skills of Hinata 

• Taijutsu

As a member of the clan, hyuga hinata tho specializes in unarmed combat short-range. She fights with the style of combat signature of your clan: the fist kind, that take advantage of the capacity of the byakugan in see the circulatory system of chakra of the opponent and his unique ability to expel chakra from any point of your body. During the time interval (Classic to shippuden hinata tho), improved their skills taijutsu immensely, and displays a greater variety of techniques of his clan. She can use cleverly the eight trigramas palma, a vacuum, which creates a huge wave of chakra that sends the target at a great distance, in addition to achieve vital points and be able to dodge a few sticks of wood with him.

• Medical ninjutsu

Hinata tho do you have any medical knowledge, being able to do a special ointment to assist in the healing of wounds. In addition, hinata tho is able to use his byakugan and gentle fist for medical purposes, as seen when she put the dislocated shoulder of Naruto in place during the fourth shinobi world war. In the anime, it is shown that hinata tho is capable of using medical ninjutsu, witnessed in their use of the mystical palm technique to heal the wounds of the citizens of the village hachō.

• Elements

Hinata tho has affinity to learn two transformations of nature, the release of fire and lightning

• other skills

As his teammates, hinata tho is a qualified tracker. She regularly uses this ability along with his byakugan to expand your study on the area. She is also very smart, like she was able to answer most of the questions of the written part of the chūnin exams without difuculdade. In Anime, hinata tho was observed by Naruto as excellent in the kitchen

• some byakugan

– NUNJIKO IN JUTSU (tracking technique)
Chakra Ryuudou (vision of the flow of chakra)

– Juken Ryuu (style of the gentle fist)

– Juhou Soshiken (fist kind of gentle lions)

– Juukenhou Hakke-Sanjuuni Shou (Battlefield 8 Trigramas, 32 palms)

– Juukenhou Hakke-Rokujuuyon Shou (Battlefield 8 Trigramas, 64 palms)

– Hakke Kuushou (8 Trigramas, air palm)
Shugo Hakke-Rokujuuyon Shou (8 Trigramas, 64 shots of defence)

– Zesshou Tenketsus (opening of tenketsus)

– Hariitsuba Assopradas (Needles)

– Genjutsu in Kai (cancellation of technique of illusion)

– Fuukoku Ton (Sealings of elements)


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