Guys, today I bring to you some curiosities and abilities of Ino, I’m sure a lot of you will be surprised with what she is capable of!

Ino Yamanaka (Shān Zhōngino, YAMANAKA INO) is a member of the clan Yamanaka of Konohagakure. She and his colleagues from the team Asuma form the INO-Shika-Cho. Years after the end of the fourth world war ninja, she form your own family with leaves and trains his son along with the new generation of INO-Shika-Cho.

• Ino is considered to be the strongest ninja of his clan, said that by his own father

• Ino was considered the best ninja of the academy, if highlighting with the best grades

• Ino is able to create a genjutsu that blows the mind of opponents, that genjutsu was appointed as hana ninpou – art ninja of the flowers.

• Ino has created a new technique in which she can use the jutsu transfer of mind in up to 3 people at the same time (in shinten bunshin jutsu)

• Ino is the best ninja of sensory shared knowledge base, excelling with their amazing abilities, tracking and communication

• Ino has affinity with the earth and water elements

• in the naruto shippuden ino did a combination of byakugan (destruction of the mind and transfer of mind) in which she doesn’t need more of your teammates to possess the mind of the opponent

• Ino has great achievements of the fourth ninja war, and they are: hijacked a bijuu lady, saving the whole shinobi alliance; connected all the shinobi alliance shikamaru and had his skills recognised by shodai hokage, connecting him to the five kages

• Ino is able to read minds

• Ino with their sensory skills was able to cancel genjutsus before even if she is affected

• Ino have a great taijutsu (initially better than the shikamaru) and it is quite strong, as seen in the anime punches her capable of breaking walls

• Ino had knowledge with poisons due your training with tsunade and shizune, in what was usually wears in their actually Chinese ring daggers etc

• in the manga, it has never been revealed how or why ino became a medical ninja. Your choice of study with tsunade was exclusive of the anime.

• The only mention of the mother of ino was when she visited sasuke and sakura at the hospital. She screamed, ” Mom! I’m going out for a walk.” however, there was no answer.

• Ino is very popular among the research, getting on 14th Thursday poll of popularity

– According to the Databook

* the hobby of ino is shopping.


* the favorite foods of ino are cherry tomatoes and pudding, while their least favorite is sashimi.

* INO completed 40 official missions in total: 23 rank-D, 9 C, RANK 6 rank b, rank-2, 0 RANK-s.

* the favourite phrase of ino is “the many words of flowers” (huā yán yèno shù 々, hanakotoba in kazukazu).


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