When Izumi father died during the Nine Tailed Demon Fox Attack on Konoha she awakened her Sharingan even earlier than Itachi Uchiha himself. However she was not able to handle it for long quickly unconsciousness every time she activated it as she lacked the necessary chakra level’s. This did not get better as Izumi still unconsciousness even when she was getting closer to her graduation into The genin. In the anime it was noted that she had especially advanced In The taijutsu prowess.It was implied that Izumi Uchiha was skilled as a kunoichi for graduating a year earlier than other’s. In her early Academy days Izumi learned that she would be classmates with Itachi Uchiah where she became in fatuated with him. Eventually she earned his acceptance when she defended Itachi from older Academy student’s like Izumo Tenma (one of Itachi future teammates) who was jealous of Itachi advanced skill’s by using his Sharingan.

When Izumi was 11 years old and about to graduate early Izumi Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha stopped at a tea shop for a rest where Itachi former team mate Shinko Inari was now a waitress at Here Itachi Uchiha questioned her on her desire to grow The stronger. She explain’s her desire to grow The stronger to help others is inspired by her father sacrifice but Itachi perseverance on her abandoning her resolve made her cry and Izumi left. Eventually Izumi Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha were seen as a couple by many of their peers.

During the Uchiha downfall, Itachi proceed to kill Izumi and her mother. He lured her mom away killed her then proceed to approach Izumi and placed her under an extremely powerful Tsukuyomi where she lived her entire like in less than 0.00000001/th of a sec .in her dream she became a chunin, retired from shinobi to become Itachi wife and raise there children . She lived until 80years old before dying of old age alongside itachi , because her mind was department from reality in such a manner. Izumi collapse in Itachi’s arm dying . Izumi thanked Itachi for giving her the life she always wanted with him even if it was just a dream. Itachi thanked her for loving him as she passed away peacefully .



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