Guys, now a little bit about Karin an incredible medica ninja ninja and sensory, nothing less expected of a uzumaki huh!

– Karin (xiāng lín, Karin) is a subject of orochimaru, an ex-Kunoichi of kusagakure, and a member of the uzumaki clan. She helped orochimaru in his experiments, and has been left in charge of his hiding place in the south while he was away. Later, she was recruited to the team of Sasuke Uchiha, taka, which was initially called “Hebi” at the moment of his creation, like the ninja sensory and the curator of the group.

* Karin is considered the best sensory ninja anime, being more sensitive than the byakugan of hyugas. (example of this was when shinobi of shared knowledge base were chasing them, she was able to find out that they were being screened by the smell of the sasuke)

* despite not being very shown and Karin be supported by the team, she has a great taijutsu.

* she also proved very agile and evasive, seen when she hijacked the numerous attacks of Giant Wooden Statue of Tobi.

* the name of Karin is composed of the kanji for ” Fragrance ” or ” perfume ” (Xiāng) and ” match ” (Lín).

* Karin is pretty smart. With your extensive knowledge at your disposal, she can create brilliant strategies that contribute to their missions.

– according to the databook (s):
The Hobby of Karin is collecting perfumes.

* Karin wants to fight with suigetsu.

* the favorite food of Karin’s okonomiyaki, as long as she doesn’t like gyōza.

* Karin completed 50 official missions in total: 25 rank d, 16 c, RANK 7 rank b, RANK 2, 0 rank s.

* the favourite phrase of Karin’s “the determination of a woman can move the most powerful stones”.

* in the room databook, hiden is not listed among the special characteristics of Karin, in spite of your use of the mind’s eye of kagura.

* the third databook shows that, when karin has joined the orochimaru, it was then that his village was attacked and burned, while the anime portrays the meeting as Karin being rescued by him after that two men tried to abduct her, due to their inheritance uzumaki .


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