Guys, I’ll talk a little bit of Kurenai now… unfortunately, it wasn’t a character very used, I wanted to know how far your genjutsu could go!
– Kurenai Yūhi (yūhi Kurenai) is a kunoichi of jōnin level of Konohagakure. She’s also the leader of the team Kurenai, which consists of: Hyuga Hinata tho, Shino aburame, Kiba inuzuka and Akamaru.

* ” Kurenai ” means ” Scarlet ” and ” Yūhi ” means ” the afternoon sun “.

* in his first appearance your dress is red with white sleeves, but every time she is seen after that he is the opposite.

* in subsequent episodes of part II, it’s usually seen a ring on your left ring finger. It is not clear whether this is a wedding ring, an engagement ring, or anything else. The ring was seen for the first time while Kurenai was worried about Asuma during his battle with Hidan. After Kurenai reveal be pregnant, she’s always seen wearing the ring. The ring appears for the first time in the manga, after the revelation of your pregnancy.

* although your eyes are very different, they are not a dōjutsu.

* Kurenai is the only one of the four main sensei (Asuma, Kakashi, guy, and she herself) that doesn’t use a regular jacket, the only two times that she is seen wearing a is in a flashback with Hisashi hyūga and in a scene with She and Asuma

* was elected three times in a row the most influential woman of the anime

* even if it is only an illusion, the genjutsus of Kurenai may even kill a ninja or leave him unconscious for days since the genjutsus her can only be broken by a friend of hers that target is not in the genjutsu or a possessor of the Sharingan , she can do 1 Genjutsu in several people at the same time if you want leaving little chance to be that friend out of genjutsu without talking to her that she can do a genjutsu differently in each person if you want.
– according to the (s) Databook (s):

* your hobby is drinking night.

* she wants to fight with Asuma databook (first) and then she doesn’t want to fight with anyone (third databook).

* the favorite foods of Kurenai are shōchū (with enough sake), vodka and takowasa (Octopus and wasabi), and your least favorite food is cake.

* the favorite phrase of Kurenai is “a sunflower is a day of glory”( kinka ichijutsu in hey).

* Kurenai completed 697 official missions in total: 152 Rank-D, 158 c, rank 235 rank b, rank-138, 14 rank-s.


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