Nemuri Kayama, also known as the 18+ only Hero Midnight ,is a Pro Hero and is a staff member at U.A. She was the Chief Referee of the Sports Festival for Year 1. Midnight is a beautiful woman with a lean body. She has long, blue eyes and spiky black hair. Midnight’s hero costume is very similar to one of a “dominatrix”. She wears a black breastless panther over a white bodysuit, which emphasizes her breasts, body, and legs along with translucent black thigh high stockings and black knee boots. Midnight (Nemuri Kayama) has a small mask outlining her eyes, a handcuff on both wrist, and a utility belt around her hips. Midnight (Nemuri Kayama) is often seen carrying a flogger style whip. Midnight (Nemuri Kayama) has a very flirty personality. However, Midnight (Nemuri Kayama) also has the propensity to make angry outbursts, such as when someone else interrupts her and when someone mentions her age. Midnight (Nemuri Kayama) seems to act on mere whims sometimes, as seen when she accepts Shouda’s and Mashirao request to resign from the tournament event just because she liked their reasoning. Midnight (Nemuri Kayama) has shown to be sadistic, as she enjoyed seeing Minoru run away in fear.

Quirk and Abilities ⇒

Somnambulist Midnight’s (Nemuri Kayama) Quirk allows her to put targets to sleep by exuding a sleep inducing aroma from her body, as shown by her need to tear her own bodysuit around her left arm in preparation to activate it to stop Izuku and Shouto. The sleep inducing aroma works better on males than females.


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