Shikamaru Nara wakes up from nightmares of the death of Asuma sarutobi and the times his comrades were injured. Ro asks him about the nightmares. Shikamaru Nara notices the lack of wind in Tobari. Hinoko feigns being killed by her own jutsu during the initiation, and is taken to a room full of peoples corpses. Shikamaru shows Ro the little intel they have on Gengo, a single blurry photo. Hinoko reunites with Ro and Shikamaru, informing them about how no one seems to know anything about Gengo or the Fushu Castle. The three go around Tobari gathering information, seeing people from all over, and learning Gengo arrived ten years prior, and that Tobari is better now than it was then. They spot a former Konoha Anbu, Minoichi, who went missing in the last war, after killing his unit. The 3 corner Minoichi and interrogate him, learning more of Gengo’s ideology. Minoichi recognises Ro and puts him in a choke hold, hinting at his past, but Hinoko incapacitates him with her chakra needle. Ro wakes up after having nightmares about his past as a genin, when he survived the slaughter of his unit by burying himself in the corpses of his comrades and also suppressing his chakra to appear dead. That night, Gengo appears for a public speech. Shikamaru wants to move closer to the stage so his jutsu can reach him, and Hinoko goes to a tower where she has a clear view of the entire crowd. Gengo reveals a restrained Sai, and the crowd asks for his death. Gengo’s words begin to affect the three of them. Shikamaru and Rō create a diversion with explosive tags, and Shikamaru  nara tries saving Sai, but he retaliates, having been entranced by Gengo. Gengo’s words affected Ro and Hinoko, who are restrained. Gengo tries converting Shikamaru Nara after Sai binds him, but Shikamaru Nara begins strangling himself with his shadow.


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