Guys, a little bit about the rock lee, this “Series” of Lee I recommend you to see it’s very funny!

– Rock Lee (rokku ・ Rī, rokku rī) is a shinobi of konohagakure. Even though he doesn’t have certain skills typically associated with the life like a ninja, Lee wants to compensate for its shortcomings of any way I can. Receiving Special training in this respect of your teacher, might guy, he becomes a master in taijutsu and seeks only getting stronger. Years later, he spends his skills and methods of training for your son.

* as well as your sensei, the character of rock lee seems to be inspired by Bruce Lee, as it shows your name and to have the same birthday. In addition, Bruce Lee, once received the same type of injury that rock lee received against Gaara, you don’t expect him to walk, and much less fight again.

* like a ninja trained, Lee is more aware of the area around you through your senses of what a normal person would be.

* in the anime, Lee also exhibited be proficient with white arms.

* even though I don’t even have a skill with genjutsu, ninjutsu or in the anime, he’s also been shown to be able to dispel genjutsu.

* Rock Lee has his series spin-off, called Rock Lee & his ninja pals episodes.

* Rock Lee is placed very high in the first four surveys of popularity of character of Naruto. He finished fifth in the first and second the votes, in eighth in the third poll and in seventh in the fourth poll. But its popularity has fallen in the last two polls, ending in thirteenth place Thursday poll and eighteenth on Friday and at the most recent. Databook in 3, a combination of the last six polls classified him as the ninth most popular character in general.

– according to the naruto databook:

* the hobbies of rock lee are doing intense schemes and training of taijutsu with might guy.

* Lee wants to fight against and neji, Sasuke Gaara, and currently with Naruto.

* the favorite foods of Lee are kind of spicy curry and rice with curry, although, as your sensei, he thinks it’s impossible not to like any kind of food.

* Lee completed 61 official missions in total: 25 rank-D, 21 c, RANK 4 rank b, rank-10, 1 RANK-s.

* the favorite words of Lee are ” effort ” (Nǔ Lì, doryoku), ” courage ” (Gēn Xìng, konjo), and ” love ” (UNITY, oh).

* in the games, rock lee is one of the characters faster.


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