A little bit about the Sai guys, an ex-Anbu very crafty!

The most remarkable talent of out is his skill as an artist, and he claims to have done thousands of portraits. Despite the great number and magnitude of the things that he has drawn, he has never given any name to their works, due to their lack of emotion that makes it impossible for him to form an annex quite significant for your art to give titles. Even so, the artistic talent of leaves is also the source of your technique, known as drawing of imitation of the super beast.

* leaves also has skill proficient with the transformation of the nature of the release of land, being able to hide in the basement without disturbing the surface of the earth. He can also use the elements fire, water, and the release of yang

* as a member of the root, leaves is a ninja highly capable, considered by the own danzō as being the strongest member of his generation.

* as a member Anbu, get refers to Kakashi like senpai, out of respect.

* in the seventh opening of Naruto Shippūden, get out is shown struggling with the way asuria, although in the manga, they don’t fight, in fact, get out is not even present in shared knowledge base when Nagato and Konan attacked shared knowledge base.

* in the seventh research, get out of character was placed in 12th place, next to Sakura, with 2.188 votes each.

– according to the third naruto databook:

* the hobbies of leaves are to design and do calligraphy.

* get out wishes to fight against Kakashi Hatake.

* the favorite word to get out is “comrades” (Zhòng Jiān, Shagwell).

* the favorite food of leaves is momen tofu, while His least favorite is dango.

* get out has a personality obedient and submissive.


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