Shin Uchiha and his clones are not true Uchiha. or Shin main sharingan was probably stolen from someone else. We also know that Mangekyo powers are not unique (both Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha had Amaterasu; it’s also possible that either Madara Uchiha or Izuna Uchiha possessed the black flames, and Also Kamui). However, so far it has been suggested that the eye pattern of an Uchiha’s Mangekyo sharingan is uinque. That might explain why all the Shin Uchiha clones Mangekyo sharingan pattern is the same.

However, there’s a problem here. Since Shin Uchiha isn’t a true Uchiha, his clones shouldn’t possess the Sharingan i.e. they would have to be implanted. But is it really possible to clone have a Sharingan, so that it’s unique pattern and powers can be replicated? Or was Shin Uchiha created by Orochimaru through some unknown Uchiha’s DNA? Because since all the Shin clones have the same Mangekyo sharingan as the original, it must imply that Shin Uchiha’s DNA has the genes for his own Sharingan. Or is it that Shin Uchiha cloned his stolen Sharingan and implanted into his clones?