The In The Naruto series We Saw Tailed Beast Temple,

Tailed Beast Temple is a temple locate on the back of Genbu (ancient domesticate turtle)

behind the Falls of Truth with many structures, headless Bodhisattva like sculptures (which

B jokingly states were past jinchuriki that fail to open the door due to impure hearts and

had their heads choppe off by the cat, but later reveale that they were simply broken)

and murals depicting the Eight-Tails (Gyuki) and the Two-Tails (Matatabi) on a giant wall.

Inside the temple there are 2 chambers where the jinchuriki attempts to gain control over

their tailed beast. Tailed Beast Temple The entrance to the 1st chamber where a jinchuriki

attempts to control on There tailed beast, one’s tailed beast has a sculpture of the Two-Tails

(Matatabi) head with a switch inside it’s mouth, only accessible by entering head first. The

chamber is designe to hold a tailed beast in temple, in case the jinchuriki failed to master

control and allow the tailed beast to be reborn, and lock it up until a new jinchuriki comes


The 2nd chamber is known as the Chakra “Isolation” Chamber, and is located behind the statue of the Eight-Tails’ (Gyūki) head inTailed Beast Temple.

“Killer B” stated that it is impossible to detect the tailed beast chakra beyond the walls of

the chamber; however, Uzumaki Naruto, while in his bijuu mode Chakra Mode, detected

Kinkaku’s six-tailed form, a feat that surprised the Eight-Tails (Gyūki).

Tailed Beast Temple

In the anime, the Sage of Six Paths and his followers built temples in nine different regions

of the world where the Tailed Beasts could live and be protecte. However, it is not clear if

this temple was actually built by Hagoromo.

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