Boruto Uzumaki, dominates three elements (wind, lightning and water), uses Rasengan, Clones of Shadows and even the gentle Fist of the Hyuuga Clan. Also uses a location, a new equipment that allows to use any technique engraved in a parchment. So it is seen using Chidori.
Himawari Uzumaki is very physically strong and even though she is not a ninja she has already activated Byakugan and already knows how to use the Soft Fist.
Inojin Yamanaka, as well as Sai, does not understand the weight of words very well and speaks what comes to mind. And just like Ino he is the most hard-working, excited and dedicated among his friends. He knows how to use the mental techniques of the Yamanaka Clan and learned from his father to use a sword and use jutsus that give life to his drawings. But Inojin’s drawings are not so good …
Sarada Uchiha is strong and intelligent, different from other uchihas, she awakened the sharingan through love, she is very skillful, has much admiration for Naruto and his dream is to become hokage …
Mitsuki is the son of Orochimaru, he manages to be stronger than sannin himself because he is a synthetic human clone … he is extremely mysterious and possesses the power to stretch the limbs of his body.
Shikadai Nara, is very similar to Shikamaru, in appearance and in behavior, because it is very lazy. He is extremely polite and ethical.
Chouchou Akimichi, she stayed for all the chapters that came looking for her real father, not believing it would be Chouji. She finally understood reality when she saw her thin Chouji. Apparently it is not accepted.
Metal Lee, as far as we know he is identical to his father, even in the oddity. Metal also seems to have become a great ninja using only taijutsu.
Mirai Sarutobi, as she is older than the others she is already a kunoichi with a higher level than the others.

CURIOSITY:  The Kazekage Gaara only arranged a wife because the advice of Aldeia da Areia did not want a ninja born in Folha Village to take over Kazekage if Gaara and his brothers (Kankuro and Temari) died, after all Shikadai was the next of the succession For being the nephew of the current Kazekage. There were several rumors saying that Shinki, son of Gaara. We thought he was the son of Kankuro (because of his appearance). The skull with him is a puppet. Apparently he was trained by Kankuro and his puppet is a skull with horns and half painted black and half painted white. It is also speculated that he controls the iron sand, material of which his jacket is made.


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