Guys, a little bit about the cursed seal, a kinjutsu of orochimaru!

The Mark of the curse is a seal of amplification of powers that the orochimaru puts in their
Subordinates, as a form of control and extension of chakra, orochimaru puts a stamp biting the individual, in who he wants to give more power (in case the sasuke). The chances of surviving this process is one in ten (1/10 ). Once put the seal, the user has the ability to access your total power, what gives you incredible powers (which normally would not be accessed), extracting chakra of the person, making her feel an extreme pain, until it is Consumed completely.
The Seal is initially a little tattoo, similar to the three tomoes sharingan. When I started the level 1 of the seal, the tattoo begins to spread through the body, leaving several brands, and the guy makes a lot of strength and chakra. Active when the level 2 (Joutai), the body suffers, mutations and may gain new members, changing the color of the skin, the hair gets a wild aspect, and the individual has its power by increasing in ten times (10 X). The more you use the level 2 (Joutai), more the person approaches his demonic form. In each person the seal act differently, Uchiha Sasuke acquires a pair of wings!


* Anko was the only character user of the mark, which was not shown in its level 2.

* Orochimaru can be revived through the brand, as shown in the anime.
Types of seals:

* cursed seal of the sky: used by Sasuke Uchiha and anko mitarashi.

* cursed seal of the earth: used by kimimaro.

* stamps cursed of the quartet of sound: used by jirōbō, kidōmaru, tayuya, sakon and ukon.

* cursed seal of prisoners of orochimaru: Used Ahiko, Guren, takishi, tsukushi.

* cursed seal of containment: used in Tobi.


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